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    She Falls Asleep (Finished)

    sO taMad Ko!!
    sO taMad Ko!!

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    default Re: She Falls Asleep (Finished)

    Post by W32.Downadup.D on Mon May 11, 2009 4:58 pm

    oo kahit malungkot ako


    .bad cheetah.
    sO taMad Ko!!
    sO taMad Ko!!

    i think sometimes you forget where the heart is... :]
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    default Re: She Falls Asleep (Finished)

    Post by .bad cheetah. on Mon May 11, 2009 7:17 pm

    oooh... bakit naman?


    .so much love you take from me.
    sO taMad Ko!!
    sO taMad Ko!!

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    default Re: She Falls Asleep (Finished)

    Post by W32.Downadup.D on Tue May 12, 2009 12:52 am

    ako naman dito



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    default Re: She Falls Asleep (Finished)

    Post by decayedFairytale* on Tue Jun 09, 2009 10:28 am

    Chapter 11: Add Kelly

    Leah: “You’re father?”
    Dougie: “Maybe he wants to revenge for what Danny’s father did to me and to mum…”
    Harry: “Ahh… so he’s the one who’s looking for that Mr. Jones a.k.a. Danny’s father?”
    Dougie: “I think so…”
    Kelly: “Who’s the one looking for Danny’s father?”
    Harry: “Dougie said maybe it was his father.”
    Kelly: “Oh, gosh, who’s that Dougie?!”
    Dougie: (flushed) “Okay, she doesn’t know who I am…”
    Harry: “Oh, I forgot, sorry Doug. By the way, Kelly, Dougie’s also someone you can’t see but I can. He was like a younger brother of Leah.”
    Kelly: “Oh, I see… on the other hand (breathes deeply)… why me? There’s lot of people he can call, but why me? I don’t even know him!”
    Tom: “Maybe he can’t find the cell phone number of Danny, or mines, or even Danny’s father. And he found yours…”
    Dougie: “Ooh! I know it! Maybe it’s a coincidence!”
    Harry: “Coincidence?! (Pause) Ah… because you like Kelly? Yeah, right”
    Tom: “Who likes Kelly?!”
    Dougie: (blushes) “Okay, maybe I just stroll around this place…” (Leisurely walk away)
    Leah: (Following Dougie) “Hey Doug! I’m so proud of you! You’re in love!”
    Dougie: “Shut up Leah…”
    Leah: “Wow! You’re grown up! You told me to shut up! Wait, shut up?! You…”
    Dougie and Leah laugh

    Their voices slowly fade out…

    Harry: (Smiling at the direction where Dougie and Leah walked, whispering) “Leah’s really a very nice girl…”
    Tom: “Hey, Harry, who likes Kelly?”
    Harry: (Back to reality) “What? Eh? Kelly? You’re asking me who likes Kelly?”
    Tom: (moving his head up and down) “Yeah…”
    Harry: “Oh, why? You’re jealous, too?”
    Tom: “TOO?! So you like Kelly?”
    Harry: “NO! C’mon, I like Leah. Dougie likes Kelly. What, you like her?”
    Tom: “Ahh… Dougie…No, I don’t like her, we’re just too close”
    Harry: “Yeah.”
    Kelly: (Jaw drops) “My God! Gosh! I’m confused, I didn’t know what to say! Maybe you can go home now because I have some things to do.” (Pushing Tom and Harry out)
    Tom: (Mannerly) “It’s not the right way to make the visitors go home, Kels”
    Kelly: “I know, but I really need peace just for a while.”
    Harry: “But Leah and Dougie are still inside.”
    Kelly: “It doesn’t matter, you’re the only one who can see them, right?”
    Harry: “I… I don’t know. Yeah so far”
    Kelly: “And thank you for the news about Leah.”
    Harry: “But (stops Kelly from pushing him and Tom out) we really need to find Leah’s body.”
    Kelly: “But I can’t help! I don’t know everything”
    Harry: “No, maybe you can help us. Maybe Dougie’s right that the one who’s calling you bad is his father. Maybe his father knows where we can find Leah’s body.”
    Kelly: “Oh, yeah, you’re right. Then you still didn’t need me. The caller is not my father.”
    Harry: “But Dougie wants to.”
    Tom: “MAY-be Harry’s right. Look, if you help us, maybe you’ll able to answer your question why his father called you instead of the others”
    Kelly: “But…”
    Tom: (Shows a very sorry face) “Please Kelly”
    Kelly: “Oh Tom! Don’t look at me like that! I really want to help but I still got so many things to do.”
    Harry: “Kelly, for Leah.”
    Tom: “Yeah, for Leah.”

    Kelly thinks deeply. And smiles…

    Kelly: “Okay… I will… (Harry and Tom will jump so high because of delight when Kelly suddenly adds…) but for 2 conditions”
    Harry: “Hey! Some people always ask for only one condition”
    Kelly: “But SOME people don’t.”
    Tom: “By the way, Kelly, what are those conditions?”
    Kelly: “First, you’ll help me first on what I’m going to do here in the orphanage.”
    Harry: “WHAT?! No, no, I’m not good in handling kids… and adults. Because of me, Danny’s mother died.”
    Kelly: “Danny’s mother died? Oh, condolence to Danny.”
    Tom: “Um… what’s the second one?”
    Kelly: “You’ll help me finding out why that Dougie’s father called me ‘stead of anyone else.”
    Harry: “Ahh… okay, let’s go”
    Kelly: “Whoa! You’re going to help me?”
    Harry: “No, we will go now! Bye!”
    Kelly: “Hey… Okay, fine, bye!”
    Tom: “Wait, he was just joking”
    Harry: “I thought you would stop me”
    Tom laughs
    Kelly: “Ha, ha… let’s go now.”
    Harry: “Oh-Kay”

    And they went inside the orphanage to do some things.
    Wonder where are Leah and Dougie right now…

    Leah: “Oh my God. Where are we now?”
    Dougie: “I… I seriously… I seriously know!” (Smiles)
    Leah: “Really? Where are we?”
    Dougie: “Our… our… our home”
    Leah: “Your home?!”

    Chapter 12: Underneath the Color… Same.

    Dougie: “I know… it’s weird…”
    Leah: “Your home’s inside an orphanage?!”
    Dougie: “Yes! But I don’t know how…”
    Leah: “Eh?! You don’t know how?!”
    Dougie: “Yeah… when I died, our home’s not inside the orphanage”
    Leah: “Hmm… let’s go inside.”

    They entered the house. Leah’s amazed of the house interior. But Dougie’s not.

    Leah: (Stunned) “Wow Doug! Your home’s astonishing. It’s… it’s wonderful. It’s bright. Oh! (Giggles) Oh my God! It’s peach! So cute…”
    Dougie: (with doubt) “No way. What happened?! It’s different. Our home’s not this bright. It’s not wonderful, or astonishing. (Pause) And our home’s not peach”
    Leah: “Oh? Really? Then this house is not your home?”
    Dougie: “No… this is our home because the maroon sofa is still there and our family picture, which was taken so many years ago, is still hanging on the wall behind the sofa and more pictures…”
    Leah: (Gazing on the family picture) “Oh my God, Dougie! (Chuckles) you are so cute and sweet in there. Swear!”
    Dougie: (Look around the house) “Yeah… I thought so too”
    Leah: (Viewing more pictures on the wall) “Oh, so this is your mother. She’s pretty…”
    Dougie: “Mum’s always the prettiest girl for my eyes… (Murmurs) Except now, when I saw Kelly…”
    Leah: (Laugh quietly) “I heard it Doug. You really like Kelly, huh?”
    Dougie: “What? What did you hear?”
    Leah: (Smiling) “Nothing”
    Dougie: (Still looking around the house) “Oh… hmm… this house really changed a lot. I’m not even sure if this is really our ho…” (Dougie stopped talking)
    Leah: “Hey Doug… Why are you stopped talking? What’s up?”
    Dougie: (Stopped Leah from seeing what he just saw)
    Leah: “Oh, why? What’s in that room?”
    Dougie: “We shall call Harry”
    Leah: “Wha… What’s happening?”
    Dougie: “It’s for you to know and for Harry to find out”
    Leah: “Wow Dougie! It’s deep!”
    Dougie: (Grabs Leah’s arm) “Nevermind. Let’s go”

    They look for Harry… and saw him sitting on a corridor with Tom and Kelly (they’re like resting or something).

    Dougie: “Okay, there you are…”
    Harry: “What’s up, Dougie?”
    Tom: “Oh, Leah and Dougie are there?”
    Harry: “Yeah”
    Dougie: “Harry, c’mon, you have to see something”
    Harry: “What is it?”
    Leah: “Dougie seriously said that it’s for me to know and for you to find out”
    Harry: “Really? Oh… let’s check it out” (stands up)
    Tom: (stands up) “Wait, where are you going?”
    Harry: “I don’t actually have an idea… Dougie seriously said that it’s for Leah to know and for me to find out”
    Kelly: “Wow… it’s deep”

    Dougie smiles

    Kelly: “By the way, can I come with you?”
    Dougie: “Of course!”
    Harry: “Dougie exclaimed of course”
    Kelly: (Stands up) “Oh… with Tom?”
    Dougie: (Immediately answers…) “Definitely no!”
    Harry: (laughs) “Dougie really hates Tom… he’s jealous, you know”
    Tom: “He doesn’t need to jealous. I and Kelly are just friends. Right, Kelly?” (Sabay akbay kay Kelly—sorry, I dunno what’s akbay in english)
    Kelly: (Grins at Tom) “Right. Very close friends. And besides, I think there’s no chance that I and that Dougie will be together. He’s dead.”
    Dougie: “You know what Leah… (Pause) that really hurts”
    Leah: (Laugh out loud) “Poor Dougie… by the way, can you lead us now?”
    Dougie: “Okay. Let’s go…”

    And they went to Dougie’s… err… home. Dougie immediately went to the place where he saw something… and all of them were so surprised… Harry gasps, Tom’s jaw drops, Kelly’s eyes widen, and Leah…

    Leah: “What the… is it… is it my body? That one inside the colorless, glass-like coffin?”
    Dougie: “Yeah…”

    All of them were so speechless and pale…’till…

    Leah: (Laughs) “Oh my God! Look at me! I did not look like dead! (Laughs) It’s really, really cool! (Laughs)”
    Harry: “Hu-WAT?!”
    Leah: “What what?”
    Dougie: “You saw your dead body… and you laughed”
    Leah: (Smiles) “What’s the problem with that? This scene is not right to be dramatic… just look at the walls! It’s bright (Pause)… and peach”
    Harry: “Hmm… you’re right…”
    Tom: “Wait, what’s happening?”
    Harry: “Leah laughed out loud.”
    Kelly: “EH??!?!?!?”
    Harry: “Yeah… she also said that this scene is not right to be dramatic because of the bright, and peach, walls.”
    Kelly: “Wow Leah… you are so optimist.”
    Tom: “Yeah… and she knows how to face the truth correctly. I really idolize you now.”
    Leah: “Aw guys… I’m touched.”
    Harry: “She said she’s touched”
    Tom: “Oh… welcome…”

    Everyone is so happy at that time…

    Dougie: “Oh, by the way, Harry, did you guys ask who owned this house? ‘Coz we owned this house… really…”
    Harry: “Wait a minute, speaking of house, did I or you guys even ask why her body’s inside this house?”
    Tom: “Wait, you’re right. Why her body’s inside this house?”

    Chapter 13: That’s why

    Dougie: “Wait! There’s an idea in my mind... What if the guy who called Kelly is my father? And he was like he wants to revenge or something that’s why he’s looking for Mr. Jones and...”
    Leah: “Why he called Kelly instead of anybody else?”
    Dougie: “I ‘m not sure, but, maybe because our home’s near the orphanage! Her number’s the easiest one to get...”
    Leah: “Ahh, you’re a genius sometimes...what about the body?”
    Dougie: “The body??”
    Harry: “I get it... the body is here because of...”

    Suddenly someone opened the front door...

    Harry: “Oh no... Someone’s there. We must hide”
    Tom: “Where?”
    Kelly: (Panicking...) “Maybe inside that cabinet!” (Pointing at a wooden cabinet)

    Kelly immediately went inside the cabinet. Dougie followed her. Tom will go in but Kelly accidentally closes the cabinet because she’s so nervous. And then silence.

    Kelly: (whispers) “Oh my God, what’s happening? No one’s talking”
    Dougie: (To himself) “Oh my God too, I’m inside this cabinet with this wonderful lady”
    Kelly: “Oh my God again, it’s so chilly in here, scary...”
    Dougie: (Sweating) “I agree that it’s cold in here but I’m sweating, seriously”
    Kelly: “What if... Oh no! Is there someone else inside this cabinet? Leah? Dougie?”
    Dougie: “Oh my, she got me...”
    Kelly: (Quietly laughs) “No... Maybe I’m just the one inside this cabinet. Haha. I’m fooling myself.”
    Dougie: “No, you’re not! I’m inside here too...”
    Kelly: “Even if Leah or Dougie’s inside, I’ll not able to talk to her or him because I can’t see them…”
    Dougie: (Sighs) “What a very unlucky chance…”
    Kelly: “Wait, no one’s still talking…”

    The door of the cabinet slowly opened… both Kelly and Dougie are scared… and they saw someone…

    Kelly: “Oh no… um… hello?”
    Someone: “What are you doing there? Go out of that cabinet now… I already know you”
    Kelly: “What?”
    Tom: “Kelly, go out now… this guy has to say something to us.”
    Kelly: “Okay…” (Out of the cabinet…)
    Leah: “Hey Dougie, you too…”
    Dougie: (Eyes widening) “No way… I’m… I’m…”
    Harry: “Shush…just come out now…”
    Dougie: “Leah, Harry, (pointing on the someone) that guy… he is my father. I’m freaking, wickedly right! My predictions are right!”
    Harry: “IF… that guy, admit so”
    Dougie: “Just wait, and listen… I dare you I’m right” (Rises his right eye brow)
    Harry: “Oh yeah?”
    Dougie: “Oh yeah”
    Leah: “Harry, just tell this guy to tell us what he wants to tell.”
    Dougie: “Wow Leah! That’s a tongue twister”
    Leah: “No, it’s not. It’s just your tongue”
    Harry: “Okay… (to someone) Can you tell us now what you want to say?”
    Someone: “You know Mr. Jones, right?”
    Tom: “We know two Mr. Jones, a father and a son.”
    Someone: “The father… the theatre actor.”
    Harry: “Wait a minute! Don’t tell me you hate him because he killed your wife and son?”
    Someone: “I will not tell you… but I need to tell you, YES”
    Dougie: “Strike one, Harry”
    Harry: “Geez… wait, are you Dougie Poynter’s father?”
    Someone: “Yes again”
    Dougie: “Strike two, Harry!” (Laughs)
    Harry: “Eeeh.. You called Kelly?”
    Dougie’s dad: “Kelly?”
    Harry: (Laughs devilishly) “Mwahaha! At last! Dougie’s wrong”
    Dougies dad: “Yeah.. I called her because her number’s the easiest one to get since our home’s near the orphanage...”
    Dougie: “HAHAHAHA!! I hit the jackpot! HAHAHAHA! I told you I’m right!”
    Harry: “Eh?? Fine... but, um... sir, how come your house is inside the orphanage?”
    Dougie’s dad: “When my wife and son died, I was really miserable. And then I saw this orphanage. I’m overwhelmed. I love the kids. They make me smile... and then I found out about Kelly. I found out that she knows the Jones. And...”
    Tom: “You get her number and you called her and asked her where you can find the Jones...”
    Dougie’s dad: “Yeah. You’re right.”
    Dougie: “Nah way! I’m the one who thought about it!”
    Leah: (Smiles) “What the--- you really want to compete him?”
    Dougie: (Breathes deeply) “You know what Leah... I will just get over it. I’m dead. Kelly will never ever like me. For now, it’s all about you...”
    Leah: “Aww Dougie... it’s weird, but touching... seriously, touching.”
    Harry: “Stop the drama guys.” (smiles) “Let’s just do our mission...”
    Kelly: “Oh, yeah, before I forgot, sir, why Leah’s body in here?”
    Dougie’s dad: “I want to black mail Mr. Jones’ son so that he will show up and face me.”
    Harry: “Ah... and now, what will you do with her body? (Referring to Leah’s body)”
    Dougie’s dad: “I will give it to you. You kids take care of her body.”
    Leah: “Wait! HARRY! Can you ask him if he kills me?”
    Harry: “Oh kay... Sir, I know this question is kind of rude or something... but... do you kill her?”
    Dougie’s dad: “Of course not... I once followed Kelly and called her. She went out of her car. And that’s it... I saw her body, I found out that she knows Jones’ son... and it’s already too late when I found out she’s already dead. She’s so cold and so pale.”
    Tom: “You’re not going to black mail Mr. Jones anymore?”
    Dougie’s dad: “I already killed his wife... it makes me a very bad man but I felt satisfied...”
    Kelly: “You’re the one who killed Mr. Jones’ wife?”
    Dougie’s dad: “Yeah... by the way, kids, you can take her now... and you can call the police.”

    And they get Leah’s body and called the police. Dougie’s father is smiling while the police is getting him in the police car... but yet, this fanfic is still, to be continue...

    Oh yes. I love slashes. Pones. Kradam. JayBourne. NanbaNakao. Gimme more. ü

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    default Re: She Falls Asleep (Finished)

    Post by decayedFairytale* on Tue Jun 09, 2009 10:30 am

    Chapter 14: The End?

    The next day... Leah, Dougie, Tom, Kelly, and a funeral thingy (coz it’s gross to bring Leah’s body to Danny without any cover or something) go to Danny’s home to show him Leah’s body, to prove she’s already dead...

    Tom: (knocking) “Danny! Danny!”
    Danny: “What do you want?”
    Tom: “Condolence... (and shows him Leah’s body)”
    Danny: (Controlling his emotion) “Oh... it’s... it’s her...”
    Kelly: “Condolence Danny..”
    Danny: “It’s okay... It’s okay... at least now we have a proof that... that... (cries and hurriedly approach Leah’s body---w/c is inside a coffin...) Leah... I’m so sorry... I really, really, felt horrific... I alleged you so bad because you’re not able to meet my parents without knowing what happens to you... I... I’m so sorry... I didn’t do things to look for you... I... I...”
    Leah: (Crying... Hugs Danny) “Danny... it’s... it’s okay...”

    So... it’s the end... NAH! JUST KIDDING! After several MONTHS, Leah, and Dougie… and Harry...

    Dougie: “HARRY!!! Nice hair! Semi-bald…”
    Harry: “Oh, thanks…”
    Leah: “So, what’s up, Harry? Any news?”
    Harry: “Oh... news?? About??”
    Leah: ”About everyone! I mean... everyone we knew like Danny”
    Harry: “Oh... Tom and Kelly are already...”
    Dougie: “WHAT?!”
    Harry: “Entered the music industry. Kelly is the singer and Tom’s the songwriter. But Kelly’s still single... don’t worry...”
    Dougie: “Okay...”
    Leah: “Even though she’s still single, poor little Dougie will not able to be her boyfriend since he’s already dead... aww...”
    Dougie: (Heave a huge sigh, then in a very soft voice) “Here we go again...”
    Harry: “Dougie and Danny’s father are currently inside the jail. You know, coz Danny’s father killed Dougie and his mum and Dougie’s father killed Danny’s mum. (Whispers) Dang, lots of killing. (Back to his normal voice volume ) Danny... I heard that he already moved on. He also already got a new girl. A beauty queen I think...”
    Leah: (Nodding) “Ahh... Good for him...”
    Harry: “Uhm... Leah, do you still love him?”
    Leah: (Sighs) “Of course I do. He’s my first love. He’s my first boyfriend... he’s also my first kiss... And...”
    Harry: “Hey, um... I know this sounds crazy but... Speaking of that... Do you think we can...” (Pointing his lips and then Leah’s and back to his...)” Leah: “What?”
    Dougie: (Snorts. Then pull a face.) “Yuck Harry”
    Harry: “What’s yuck with that?!”
    Dougie: “Get over it, Harry. Leah loves Danny very much.”
    Leah: “Wait, guys. I don’t get it...”
    Dougie: “Harry likes to kiss you.”
    Leah: “Oh?”
    Harry: “Look, I already touched you. Maybe I can... (Pause) oh shoot, sorry for my acts... I just have a little problem”
    Leah: “You’re acting weird again, Har... what’s that little problem you have right now??”
    Harry: “Remember when you brought your body to Danny’s, I’m not there, right?”
    Leah: “Right... oh yeah, where are you that time?”
    Harry: “I was confined in a Hospital---”
    Dougie: “WHOA!”
    Leah: “WHAT?! What… what happened to you? Are you alright now?”

    Harry didn’t answer. And he was so much weirder at that time.

    Dougie: “Hey, Harry, are you alright?”
    Harry: “Literally, no… But emotionally, yeah…”
    Leah: “You’re really weird again, you know. Wait, you said you’re literally not okay?”
    Harry: “Yeah…”
    Leah: “What’s the sick? (Jokingly) Is it love sick again?”
    Harry: (Chuckles) “I hope so it is… (turned serious) but it wasn’t”
    Leah: “So what is it?”

    Harry didn’t answer again…

    Dougie: “Hey, Harry, you okay?”
    Leah: “Harry??”
    Harry: “I… I---“

    Chapter 14.2

    Leah: “Harry… what is it?”
    Harry: “I… (took a deep breath) There’s a possibility that in one week, I’m going to leave in this world…”

    Silence. Both Leah and Dougie are speechless.

    Harry: “What I mean is… the doctor said I have cancer… and he told me that if I didn’t die in one week, then I’m still going to live my old, ordinary life… otherwise…”
    Leah: “You will die…”
    Harry: (Smiles) “Yeah---”

    Dougie suddenly hit Harry very hard.

    Harry: “Ouch! It hurts! (Jokingly) Sometimes I wish you guys can't touch us!”
    Dougie: “You’re… You’re crazy!”
    Harry: “Wha---What?!”
    Dougie: “You’re smiling because you’re dying? You’re really crazy! (Sobbing) Look Harry, you’re lucky because you’re still living. You still have a chance to make your dreams come true! You’re still able to bond with your friends, and… your family… Then all of a sudden you want to die?! ARE YOU CRAZY---“
    Harry: “But I wasn’t able to live with the girl I loved!”

    Dougie shut his mouth.

    Harry: (Crying) “You, you want to live because Kelly is still living. But in my case, Leah’s already dead… I just want to live with her forever…”
    Leah: “Harry…”
    Harry: “That’s why I don’t care if I’m going to die, as long as Leah’s waiting for me at the other world…”
    Leah: “Harry… (Pause) You’re an idiot, you know…”
    Dougie: “Agree”
    Leah: “You’re really crazy”
    Harry: “Leah...”
    Leah: “Harry---”

    Harry hugs Leah very tight.

    Harry: “Promise me, when I died, you’ll meet me… and will love me forever…”
    Leah: “But---But I already told you that I still love Danny”
    Harry: “But he’s still living! Isn’t it hard to love someone who’s not like you?”
    Leah: “You’re right, it’s hard… But---“
    Harry: “What but?! No more buts! Leah… Please… It’s for you too. You’ll able to forget him. You’re not going to suffer anymore. I will help you to move on. Leah, please…”
    Leah: "But I swear it's not going to be that easy..."
    Harry: "Yeah, I know, but look... There's no impossible while living in eternity---"
    Dougie: "Wow Harry"
    Harry: "Be quiet, Dougie"
    Dougie: "Wha---fine. Give Harry a moment..."
    Harry: "Leah...?"
    Leah: (Sigh) “Okay… I will…”
    Harry: (Become happy) “Really?"
    Leah: "What, you don't want?"
    Harry: "No, no, don't take it back"

    Harry hugs Leah tighter. But Leah didn’t react, and her face is so unpredictable. It was like sad but glad.
    In one week, Harry collapsed, and you know what happened to him…
    While he was walking towards a white door…

    Harry: “Just as expected, Leah’s not here… (Sigh) Dang, I'm a fool... I believe her that easily”
    Leah: “Oh yeah? Maybe yes, you are... But (pause) even though you already know that I love Danny so much, you still believe me..."
    Harry: (Smiles) “Leah!”
    Leah: (Grins) “My conscience made me think… Seriously…”
    Harry: (Laughs, and breaths deeply) “Okay, let’s go?”
    Leah: “Just make sure you’re really going to make my life happier than what Danny’s going to give me.”
    Harry: “Oh, c’mon! Of course… for you…”
    Leah: “Sure?”
    Harry: “Yeah”

    They enter the eternity… and live happily ever after… ‘till Leah suddenly heard someone, calling her name…

    “Leah, Leah, LEAH!”

    Chapter 15: She Falls Asleep

    Leah opens her eyes to know who’s calling her… And she was so surprised…

    Kelly: “Leah! We’re already here! I’m waking you up for almost 2 hours already! C’mon, stand up, let’s go. Danny’s parents getting impatient now”
    Leah: “Kelly?”
    Kelly: “What?”
    Leah: “You’re talking to me?”
    Kelly: “Of course!”
    Leah: “And you told me you’re waking me up?”
    Kelly: “Yeah, you fall asleep while on the road.”
    Leah: “I fall asleep? So… everything that happens is just a dream?”
    Kelly: “Everything that happens? Is your dream that wide? Looks like many things happened there, huh?” Leah: “So many! But weirdly, I forgot the faces and names of other people involved there, but I remembered what happened!”
    Kelly: “Oh, really, just share that dream to me later. But first, get up now and let’s go meet Danny’s parents”
    Leah: “Right… let’s go”

    Kelly went out of the car, while Leah… She can’t believe everything that happens is just a dream, and she weirdly forgot the faces and names of the people involved (Of course, except to those she already knew before she dies like Kelly, Danny, and Tom). She smiles and breaths deeply---“Right, I can do it!” And she went out of the car…

    Leah: “Okay, I’m nervous…”
    Kelly: “It’s okay, just think positive”
    Danny: “LEAH!”

    Leah’s world suddenly stopped. Danny called her, and she can’t believe… She wants to cry, and so she did... She ran towards Danny and hugged him…

    Danny: “Whoa! What’s up? You’re acting like we haven’t meet each other for several months”
    Leah: “Yeah, I felt so… I’m just happy that finally, you can see me---“
    Danny: “What?”
    Leah: “Okay, I will just tell you about that later (Smiles)”
    Danny: “Okay…”

    And Danny introduced Leah to his father and mother… They’re so happy to meet her. They told Danny that Leah’s just the girl for Danny… After that~~~
    Danny and Leah are walking to a room, holding hands…

    Leah: “At last! They already met me. I’m so happy!”
    Danny: “You know what? Me too…”
    Leah: (Smiles) “Really?”
    Danny: (Chuckles) “Of course, at least, (Stops walking and faces Leah) you already meet my parents. I wonder when I can meet your parents…”
    Leah: (Hit Danny light-heartedly) “What, you don’t want to live with me?”
    Danny: “Nah… I’m not saying, I wanna die to meet your parents. I mean… (Pause, and smiles) Okay, nevermind” (Laughs)
    Kelly: “By the way, Leah, can you tell us about your dream now?”
    Leah: “Sure!”

    They enter a room where they see Tom.

    Tom: “Aloha! (And raises his arms) Hello guys!”
    Kelly: “Tom!”
    Tom: “Kelly!”

    Tom and Kelly hurriedly hug each other---

    Leah: “Wait, are you guys... you know?”
    Tom: “What?”
    Kelly: “Of course not, we’re just the best of friends.”
    Tom: “And Kels already like somebody.”
    Leah: “EH?! Who---who—who?!”
    Kelly: “You’ll know later. I already called him when I’m waking you up. He told me he’s on his way now.”
    Leah: “Ahh… okay”
    Danny: “So Leah, what’s your dream?”
    Leah: “Oh, it started when I open my eyes and I’m inside a white room. Then a guy approached me and he knows my name---“
    Tom: (raise his hand) “Is it me?”
    Leah: “No, either you or Danny… it is someone else…”
    Tom: (Naughtily) “OH MY! Danny! Leah dreamed someone else, not you! Ha-ha!”
    Leah: “Wait, it’s just a dream. Actually I forgot his face and his name. (Pause) But one thing I remember is he’s 21 years old.”
    Danny: “See, Leah didn’t even know who he is…”
    Kelly: “But you’re jealous?”
    Danny: (Blushing) “Eh?”
    Tom: “Look! Danny’s jealous to a guy Leah dreamt about!” (Laughs)
    Leah: (Blushing, too) “Hey, stop it… I told you it’s just a dream...”
    Danny: “Yeah… I mean--- (thinks deeply) ---Yeah…”
    Kelly: “Okay, okay, we will… Leah, continue your story…”
    Leah: “Then I asked the guy if I’m already---“

    Leah stopped when someone entered the room.

    Danny: “Oh, by the way, Leah, here’s my new best friend---“ (Tom stared at Danny scarily) “---I mean, one of my best friends. I met him when our family visited my Grandma. And his name’s Harry…”
    Leah: “Oh, hi, I’m Leah (shake hands with Harry) You know what? Your name’s familiar…”
    Harry: “Well, yours too…” (Laughs)
    Leah: “Really?”
    Harry: “Yeah, coz my girl’s name is Leah too…”
    Leah: (Nodding) “Ahh…”
    Tom: “Oh, Harry, join us here, Leah is telling a fairytale---I mean, her dream”
    Harry: “Sure…”
    Kelly: “So, where are we?”
    Danny: “Leah asked the guy if she’s already…”
    Leah: “Oh, yeah… So I asked the guy if I’m already dead and he said yes I am.”

    All of them, in chorus: “WHAT?!”

    Leah: “Yeah… it’s weird. Then I asked him again how. He told me because of heart disease.”
    Kelly: “Oh my God. Good thing it’s just a dream!”
    Leah: “Yeah… but I can’t believe it’s just a dream. I tried my best to tell Danny that I’m already dead---“
    Tom: “Ooh… scary…”
    Leah: “Nah, not by haunting him…”
    Tom: “Ahh… okay…”
    Leah: “And then it’s just a dream. I fell asleep while on the road. (Sighs) But I’m glad it’s just a dream…”
    Kelly: “And at least you’re going to meet him now”
    Leah: “Him? Who is he?’”
    Kelly: “My boyfriend, wait, I will just wait for him outside.”
    Leah: “Okay”

    Kelly went out.

    Leah: “Wow, I can’t believe she already have a boyfriend.”
    Tom: “Me too…”
    Danny: “Okay, Tom’s jealous”
    Tom: “Shut up. I’m not jealous. She’s just a friend of mine.”
    Danny: “Ows?”
    Tom: “Yeah”
    Leah: (Laughs) “You guys are so cute”
    Harry: (Laughs) “Yeah…”
    Tom: “No, it’s just I’m not really jealous. It’s… I can’t believe too that Kelly already got a boyfriend”
    Danny: “Nah… you’re jealous”
    Tom: (Pretending he didn’t hear Danny) “WAAA!!! Lala! Lalala! Lalala!”

    Danny, Leah, and Harry laughed and stopped when Kelly entered holding her boyfriend’s hand…

    Kelly: “Leah, and everyone, here he is… Dougie”
    Leah: “DOUGIE?!”
    Dougie: “Yeah… and you’re… Leah?”
    Leah: (Nods) “Yeah… (Sighs) By the way, have we met each other before?”
    Dougie: “All I can say is, I dreamed about some thing this morning---too”


    Oh yes. I love slashes. Pones. Kradam. JayBourne. NanbaNakao. Gimme more. ü

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