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    Accidentally In Love [ Story ]

    [FM] LyLe

    ...And How can I stand here with you and not be moved by you?...Would you tell me how could it be any better than this?...
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    default Re: Accidentally In Love [ Story ]

    Post by [FM] LyLe on Fri Apr 17, 2009 2:06 pm

    Handcuff 16 - Child.


    "So, kamusta ang buhay may asawa? Masaya?" Abby said while putting her notebook in her bag.

    "Masaya? Tch. Makatiis ka kaya na gawin kang katulong ng asawa mo?" I frowned. We walked out of the room and went towards the girl's locker room.

    "Rex can't do things like that." She said as she was opening her locker. I was about to open my locker when I stopped and looked at her in disbelief.

    "Hay nako. Kung mararanasan mong maging asawa nya, para ka talagang nasa impyerno at kasama ang isang tulad nya."

    "Because you're not so nice to him. Kaya sya ganun."

    "Sus, kahit maging mabait ako sa kanya, walang magbabago no." We quickly went out of the locker room and went out of the school grounds. Then we saw him. Yeah, he's waiting for his wife.

    "Hi Rex~" He smiled at her. Looks like kakagaling rin lang sya sa school. She lightly pushed me towards him. "Ano ba?"

    "Sige alis na ko." She grinned and walked away.

    "Tara." He grabbed my hand. I tried to grip off on him but, he is really strong. I admit that.

    "Ano bang problema mo at san mo nanaman ba ko dadalhin?"

    "Dumerecho raw tayo dun sa bahay namin sabi ni papa. May sasabihin raw."

    "At ikaw naman eh, nagpapauto dun."

    "Malay mo ibigay na yung kotse kase importante. Pag hindi ko yun nakuha, papatayin kita."

    "You wish."


    AISH. Ewan. Here I am, Rex is dragging me through our parents for that crap announcement. Then my face went brighter when I saw this lovely cute little girl. Mamu and his father are sitting at the couch while someone went out of the room. She's about 20+. She sat next to my mom.

    "Take your seat guys." We took our seat and they noticed that he was holding my hand. I quickly pulled my hand out of his hand and put it in my back while he shoved his hand in his pocket and looked at the ceiling. I was pretending looking at the corners. Looks like I'm starting to get redder.

    "Kaya namin kayo napatawag dahil sa mahalagang announcement. A newlywed like you doesn't like a newlywed, isn't it?"

    We looked them, puzzled while knowing the announcement. "We don't want to make you surprise but, I'll tell you later." HAY. Ano nanaman ba ang balak nila ha?

    "Anyway, she's Andrea." She extended her right hand to shake with me and turned to Rex. Looks like hindi tumalab ang charm mo sa magandang babae na to ah. Himala.

    "And she's Camille." He referred to the little girl that brighten my face.

    "Good Afternoon po." She smiled. Aww, she's cute when she smiles like that.

    "Hi Camille, I'm Ate Marriane. How old are you?"

    "4 years old po." Ang cute!

    "Umm, Aling Celia, ilabas mo nga muna tong si Camille kase mag-uusap kami."

    "Yes po sir." Then the maid approached her and took her out.

    "Bakit nyo po sya pinalabas?" Something's fishy is happening. Rex, may nangyayari na di natin alam. O, baka alam nya rin?

    "We wanna tell you something important, remember? Go ahead, Andrea." He let Andrea to speak up.

    "I'm her mother. And I have to work in London for her. I want to have a favor from you two." Huh? You mean, anak nya yun? Kaya pala magkamukha sila. Pero di halata.

    "What favor?" We two looked at her with a blank expression.

    "Can you look after her?" She said solemly. We're still puzzled about what was her point.

    "I mean, can you be her parents permanently?"

    Whhaattt?! Ano?! Are you insane?

    [FM] LyLe

    ...And How can I stand here with you and not be moved by you?...Would you tell me how could it be any better than this?...
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    default Re: Accidentally In Love [ Story ]

    Post by [FM] LyLe on Fri Apr 17, 2009 2:07 pm

    Handcuff 17 - Being a PARENT.

    "I have no time to look after her because I'm whole day in my work at London. So please?" She begged.

    We looked at each other. "TAYO?" Then we looked at her. "MAGIGING MAGULANG NIYA?"

    "Oo, Rex. So, kaya nyo ba?" He asked infront of us.

    He stood up. "Ayoko nga."

    "Mas lalo naman ako noh." I said while crossing my arms at my chest and acting arrogantly.

    "Bahala ka pag di mo nakuha ang kotse mo. Malaki ang possibilities na pag naayos yun, malaking pera yun." He reassured para mapa-oo nya si Rex.

    "Pa naman, wag nyo namang ibenta. Alam nyo naman na kung gaano ko kamahal yung kotse na yun noh." He begged. You have to kneel at them para maibigay na yung bwisit mong kotse. Paharang harang kasi sa daan tapos nagkataong masama pa yung mood ko nung nagawa ko yung krimen na yun. [Ako pa yung nanisi, as if ako naman yung gumawa ng krimen. hahah.]

    "Eh dapat gawin mo ang pinagagawa ko." Mr. Lopez said calmly.

    "Pa naman?! Nagbibiro ka lang naman di ba?" He said, raising his tone.

    "Mukha ba kong nagbibiro ha? Mabebenta ko talaga yun. Kilala mo ko. Ano?"

    "Ano ba yan. Mamu naman, wala na ba kayong awa?"

    "Tapos na ang usapan na to." Mamu stood up. "Iuwi nyo na si Camille sa bahay ninyo. Aalis na ko." Then she walked out.

    "Mamu! Ugh, kainis talaga!" I frowned. Ang sasama nyo!

    "Please, take care of her. I will be back when my contract there finished already." I have no choice but to agree on her. I forced him to make a promise at Andrea. She glanced at her watch and looked suprisingly. "I have to go now, 5:30 PM was the flight of the plane. Please do take care of her." She bowed down and bid goodbye to us. Then she approached Camille to say her goodbyes for the child. When Andrea drove off by the taxi, I saw Camille's face, and I can't explain the expression in her face. Sucks.

    I approached her as she was looking at the back of the taxi that her mom was actually riding on it. "Okay ka lang?" She nodded. I knelt down to my knees and sat so that I can reach her height. This will gonna be hard...

    "Uh, Camille," She looked at me. "Uhh, for now, can I be your mother for now?"

    "I miss mommy. Daddy." She said and lowered her head as she was playing her teddy bear. Rex walked towards us. "Seryoso ka ba? Iuuwi mo yan dun?" He whispered.

    "Alangan naman kung saan yan titira, nakaalis na yung mama nya. Naka-oo na tayo, diba? At saka, mukhang sa kanya nga yung kwarto." I replied in a icy tone.

    He headed towards Camille and sat next to me. "What's your name? Can daddy know it?"

    "You're not my daddy!" She ran away.

    "Rex, anong ginawa mo?"

    "Wala kaya. Mahihirapan tayo sa batang yun. Wag na natin kunin." He stood up. "Anong gusto mo? Inaasahan tayo ng mama nya. Let's look for her." We separated ways to find Camille. Then I find her under the shady lush tree, sitting and crying. I aproached to her. "Camille?"

    Her heads' burying under her arms, cocking her head at her knee. I sat next to her. "You look like me." I said solemly. She raised her head and looked at me with her teary eyes. "Huh?"

    "When I was young, I used to cry in a shady tree like this because I miss my father."


    "Papu passed away. For me, giving me shade by a tree gives me comfort. Then suddenly, after I cried, I saw myself smiling. Ikaw? Ba't ka umiiyak?"

    "I miss my daddy too."


    "Wala na rin po si papa."

    "Oh..." Rex saw us. He sat beside her. "Pwede na ba tayo umuwi?"

    "Let's try to explain things to her." I whispered to him, then I looked at Camille and started to explain. I scoffed. "Camille, we will be your parents permanently. I'll be your mama," I pointed at him. "And he will be your permanent papa. Can you help us?"

    "I don't think so, ate Marianne." She shook her head. "We'll be a great family. Me, you and him. Are you not happy?" She didn't respond. "Sheeshh. Ewan ko sa batang yan. Umuwi na nga tayo.." He dragged me and I looked at him. "Siraulo ka ba? You're not caring for the child."

    We started walking when I heard her voice. "Mama? Papa?" We spun our heads and looked at her. She stopped from crying but still, her eyes are teary then. "Ano?"

    "Pwede ko kayong tulungan." She smiled.

    [FM] LyLe

    ...And How can I stand here with you and not be moved by you?...Would you tell me how could it be any better than this?...
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    default Re: Accidentally In Love [ Story ]

    Post by [FM] LyLe on Fri Apr 17, 2009 2:07 pm

    Handcuff 18 - Rules.

    She was not still happy until we reached the house. "What's wrong? Hindi mo gusto tong bahay?" She shaked her head saying 'no'. He took something from his pocket and lend his hands to her. A candy popped out in his hands. "Want candy?"

    She happily took the candy and ate it. "See? Candy can cure kids like her." He said to me while putting his hand at her head.

    "Mama, Papa." We looked at her. "Do you love each other?" ??

    "Bakit mo natanong?"

    "If you don't love each other, then I can't be your child." What is she talking about?

    "Of course we love each other. That's why you called us papa and mama."

    "Then prove it." She proudly said. I can't get her. I really can't get her.

    "Ang tang@ mo kasi kaya di mo makuha." His lips turning into a smile. "Huh?" I looked at him with a 'what' expression. "We need to act like one." He smiled playfully. So that was her point. To make us her real parents, do whatever things that parents should do. ANO?!

    They left me outside alone. Okay na kaya si Camille? Then suddenly, I felt something vibrated at my pocket, and it was my phone. Saying that there's a new message.

    Hey. May time ka ba? Can we talk? -- Lawrence

    Sorry. My husband and our child need me. -- Marriane

    I quickly send the message to him. Wait, there's something wrong with my respond. Sorry. My husband and our child need me. Did I just sent that? Gosh, I'm gonna be busted. Pshh. Tungak ka talaga Marriane. What now? Will he text back? Hope it's not. I quickly turned off my phone so that di ko mabasa yung reply nya.

    Pretend that nothing happened.

    When we're busy at Camille, he whispered. "Wag ka munang matulog. May unfinished business pa tayo." Ano naman yun?


    After makatulog ni Camille, he dragged me at the backyard. He let me to sit at the swing. "Ano naman yun?"

    "We have to discuss about how to go about in our relationship, lalong lalo na ngayong dumating na si Camille sa'ting dalawa.” He said while leaning at the wall infront of the swing, his lips turning into a smile.

    I couldn’t help but laugh at him. “Anong pinagsasasabi mo?” I started to ask, but then I remembered that I was now his wife. And so, I hurriedly added another line. “Hindi naman mahahalata ng bata na arranged marriage tayong dalawa diba?”

    He shook his head. "Hindi, Marriane. I’m talking about our rules in marriage.” He responded in a half-serious tone.

    “Rules? Bakit pa? Hindi naman tayo naglalaro rito, ano. At saka gumising ka, Rex. Nandito na si Camille. We don't need that.” I replied with a frown.

    “Nabasa mo na ba yung ‘Rules in Dating’?” He asked me, as if I was missing out on something big.

    The named 'Rex Carlo Lopez' actually read books? Kagulat gulat naman nun. “Hindi pa. Ano naman yun?” I asked him with a raised eyebrow.

    He smiled sheepishly. “Di ko rin alam yun eh. Di ko pa rin nababasa.” He said in reply. “But the point is, we have to prove that we can pretend to be her real parents.”

    Seeing no point in arguing with him since he was really stubborn in nature, I decided to give in. “Fine, gumawa tayo.” I answered, starting to brainstorm on what rules we could use just to get it over with.

    But then Rex started talking again. “I’ll dictate them.” He ordered with a grin.

    Hearing that, I objected. “Sinasabi mo bang ikaw lang ang gagawa ng rules? No way. Unfair naman yun noh.” I remarked, frowning at him.

    “At bakit naman unfair? Me, I accepted the comittment at them coz' I want to have freedom. Ikaw, sumang-ayon ka rin. Kaya may karapatan ako na gumawa ng rules for us because in this reality game, ako ang defending champion.” He pointed out. His grin turned into a smirk. He was probably going to start annoying me, the way he always did whenever he smirked.

    “But I wouldn’t be your wife if I know na ikaw pala yung magiging asawa ko.” I reasoned, not wanting him to get the satisfaction of pushing me around. Akala nya huh..

    He actually agreed easily. “Okay.” He said, not wiping his smirk off his face. “Isang rule lang. Pag-isipan mong mabuti.”

    I knew it. I knew there was a catch. Dinadaya mo ko ng harap-harapan, loko ka. “Hoy, bakit isa lang? Gawin mo namang tatlo.” I demanded.

    “Hindi.” He answered stubbornly. “It’s either one, o wala.”

    “Okay, fine. Isa lang. Pwede bilisan mo?” I asked him as I pointed to my watch. “Inaantok na ko at saka may pasok pa tayo bukas.”

    “Tatlong rules lang naman ang sakin eh,” He started, raising three fingers from his hand. Then he lowered the two and stated the first. “One, you can’t have other guys while you're with me lalong lalo na pag kasama natin yung bata.” Then he raised another finger for each of the next rules until he reached the fourth. “Two, wag mong bibiguin yung bata. Bigay mo ang gusto nya. Three, you have to do everything I say.”

    Upon hearing that, I opted to complain. “Ano? Hoy, hindi ako robot!” I exclaimed at him with widened eyes.

    But he, as usual, didn’t care about what I said. Lagi naman diba? He continued to speak in a half-serious tone. “Failure to follow these rules will result to a punishment decided by me.” Then he stopped and looked at me with a smile. Ang kapal. “Ikaw naman. Ano yung sayo?”

    I opened my mouth, ready to argue with him about the rules he made but then he started looking at his watch. And so, I was reminded that I had to sleep early coz' we have classes tomorrow. I decided to just get it over with. I thought about what rule I could use to my advantage as his wife. And soon, I found it. “No bodily contact. Lumusot ka na lang pag humiling ang bata ng ganun. Magaling ka naman sa lusutan diba?” I finally said, standing up from the swing. “So, pwede na kong matulog?”

    “The rules apply starting today. Okay ba?” He responded with his annoying smirk. I decided to ignore him as I was entering the room and went upstairs. I felt tired when I lied at the bed.

    Okay lang ba yung ginawa ko na magkaroon kami ng rules? Para na talaga akong preso sa piling nya. Walang excemptions.

    He's the POLICE, and I'm just a PRISONER of his.

    [FM] LyLe

    ...And How can I stand here with you and not be moved by you?...Would you tell me how could it be any better than this?...
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    default Re: Accidentally In Love [ Story ]

    Post by [FM] LyLe on Fri Apr 17, 2009 2:07 pm

    Chapter 19 - Accidentally.


    I started opening my phone. Too good no messages nor missed calls listed from Lawrence. I straightly went to the bathroom and took a bath. Abby called me when I was drying myself with a towel. "Good Morning, Marriane." Abby greeted me sweetly.

    "Anong nakain mo at nag-ge-greet ka jan ng 'Good Morning'?"

    "Syempre, alangan namang sabihin ko na 'Good Evening'?"

    "Then wazzup?" I said while brushing my teeth.

    "Wazzup? Wazzup with your husband?"

    "Umagang-umaga, sya ang topic natin. Change topic."

    "Okay, wazzup with Lawrence?" I remembered what I have done.

    "I'm so busted at him." I said in a small voice.


    "Nasabi ko yung hindi ko dapat masabi sa kanya."

    "Na ano?"

    "That I was busy with my chi-" Teka, Marriane! Don't spill it! But it was always blurted at mine. Why can't I have to be specific in this kind of this? Because it always happens accidentally.

    "I mean, my things. Sige, mamaya na lang. Bye." Then I hurriedly hunged up the phone. I leaned at the door and sighed. "Marriane, why are you making things more miserable?"

    I hurriedly wore my uniform because I glanced at the clock and it was 6:38 AM. When I opened the door, someone's standing infront of me. And that was him. He was only wearing a towel so his fine abs are being showed. In my entire life, I didn't see this things but, I saw these things. I saw him half-naked so I screamed and covered my eyes since he was to about taking off his towel. Then I peeked and he was wearing a boxer short behind the towel. Thank GOD.

    He suddenly laughed. "Bakit? Ngayon ka lang nakakita ng lalaking nakaboxer shorts? Nakakatawa ka naman."

    "Umalis ka nga jan. Nakaharang ka sa daanan ko."

    "Nakaharang ka rin naman sa daanan ko eh." He smirked as I was walking out of the bathroom. But before he shut the door, he said something. "Nandun si Camille sa likod, nakaupo sa may swing. But at least you can join me here inside." I can feel he was smirking again when he said that.

    As he shut the door, I threw my slippers at the door and mumbling some curses. "AISH. Siraulo." I took my slipper that I threw at the door and headed the backyard to see Camille. And she was there, sitting at the swing happily. I sat the swing next to her.

    "Bakit ka po nakauniform? My mother is a highschool student?" I nodded in embarassment. "Why?"

    "Because mommy was a sixteen year old lady."

    "Sixteen years old lady?" She looked at me with her innocent face. "Sorry, mommy will now going." I kissed her forehead. "Be patience with daddy ha?" Then I rode a bus to go to my school.

    [FM] LyLe

    ...And How can I stand here with you and not be moved by you?...Would you tell me how could it be any better than this?...
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    default Re: Accidentally In Love [ Story ]

    Post by [FM] LyLe on Fri Apr 17, 2009 2:08 pm

    Handcuff 2o - Random.

    Nung nakarating ako sa school, napaisip ako. SAAN KAYA SYA IIWAN NI REX? I quickly texted him while waiting for our teacher telling him where to drop Camille. I received a message, hoping it was him. Baka iwanan lang nya dun yung bata.

    But it was Lawrence who just sent a message.

    Morning. What’s that child are you talking about? Looks like mawawalan pa ko nito ng pag-asa sayo. -- Lawrence

    That line repeated over and over again in my head. Looks like mawawalan pa ko nito ng pag-asa sayo.

    Wait, is he -- teka, mamaya ko muna yun iaanalyze. Aasikasuhin ko muna yung tungkol kay Camille. I sent a message again. Biglang nagvibrate yung cellphone ko. And that was him who just made my phone to vibrated.

    Nandun si Camille sa mama mo. Wag kang magwala. -- Rex

    Sheeshh. I got relieved when he sent the message. The bell rang and we greeted 'good morning' our teacher.


    When I was sitting at the toilet bowl, I overheard a conversation between a two girl. And the man that they've been talking about was so familiar.

    "Ang cute ni Rex ano?" She squealed. Ano kamo? Pssh. "Yup. But, do you think girlfriend nya yung lagi nyang kasama? Di ba si Candy yung girlfriend nya?" The other girl asked. I've got strucked when I heard the 'Candy' part.

    "Wala naman syang kasamang babae nung nakita natin sya diba?" I heard some zipper's opening. "Nung isang araw kaya, nakita ko sya na may kasamang babae, holding hands pa nga sila eh. Ang sarap sakalin nung babaeng yun." Eh kung kayo ang sakalin ko? Excuse me, nandito ang asawa nya. Mag-ingat kayo sa mga pinagsasasabi nyo. Ambisyosa.

    "Di naman sya kagandahan noh."

    Anger flushed towards me. I opened the door and the two girls looked at me. They got shocked to see me. "Sino ba yung babaeng gusto nyong sakalin? Kung gusto nyo eh, tulungan ko kayo." I straightly strucked to the two girls with a mock naiive tone and smiled. They screamed in horror and quickly went out of the girl's room. I headed to the mirror and cursed some words. "Kayo sakalin ko eh. Naku! AISH. Bakit ba ganto na mga babae ngayon? Masyadong selosa. Kung gusto nila si Rex, sabihin nila. Di nila ko kailangan pang laitin." I said while combing my hair.

    I quickly fixed my hair and walked with the heels out of the girl's room.


    The next day...

    I heard some knocks at the door and some idi0t shouting. "MARRIANE!!" Sino pa ba ang sisigaw rito kundi sya lang? I irritatedly opened it. There was him, standing while holding a basket full of laundry clothes. "Ano nanaman yun?" I pouted.

    "Labhan mo to." I stared at him with a weird expression. Then my jaw dropped. "Ako?! Maglalaba ng damit mo?! Ang KAPAL talaga ng mukha mo ano?" I said in a mockening tone. "Matagal nang makapal ang mukha ko. At tsaka ikaw lang naman ang nagsasabi sakin ng ganun." He threw the basket right at my lap. "Pagbalik ko dapat nakasampay na yan."

    "At saan ka nanaman pupunta, ha?!" I put my hands at my waist. "At kelan ka pa nagkaroon ng interes na tanungin kung saan ako pupunta, ha?" He asked bluntly. "Aiissh. Ewan ko sayo." I grumbled as he was walking downstairs. He's so perfectly smartass. Kainis!

    [FM] LyLe

    ...And How can I stand here with you and not be moved by you?...Would you tell me how could it be any better than this?...
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    default Re: Accidentally In Love [ Story ]

    Post by [FM] LyLe on Fri Apr 17, 2009 2:08 pm

    Handcuff 21 - Jealousy.

    Haayy. Mali talaga. Look, hawak-hawak ko na ang mga underwear nya at nilalagay sa washing machine. Eww. Pero wala namang mali rito di ba? A wife can do any chores just FOR HIM?! Yeah. Tingnan nyo nga. I always did whatever he asked for. " have to do everything I say." That's the part of the rules. Kainis.

    Camille walked towards me and asked, "Saan po ba pupunta si papa?"

    "Ewan ko sa papa mo. Di naman nya sinabi." I started the washing machine switch. "Bakit?" I wiped my hands with a rug. "May tumawag po kay papa eh." We started walking through the living room. "Sino raw?"

    "Candy daw po."

    A cold wind passed towards me and I stared through spaces. S-si Candy?! Meron pa ba silang communication?! Paano nya nalaman yung number rito sa bahay? Nagkikita pa ba sila? O may relasyon pa sila? Aish. Ang daming tanong na kailangan nyang sagutin. Lagot ka sakin, Rex. Tatadtarin kita ng mga tanong.

    "Mama, kilala nyo po ba sya?" Camille snapped me out of my thoughts. "Ha? Ah.. hindi. Maybe his friend or something." I blunted, making me fell at the couch.


    I waited him at the couch until he came at the middle of the night. Mga 9:30 PM or something. "Nilabhan mo na lahat ng damit ko?" He sat beside me. "Si Camille?" I continued to be silent. "Hoy, ano ba? Tinatanong kita." He looked at me straightly in my eyes. "May problema ka ba?"

    "Oo." I replied sternly. "Ano nanaman ang problema mo?" I headed myself to him. "Tumawag si Candy rito kanina," His eyes widened in surprise, and I continued my sentence. "At yung bata ang nakasagot." That makes him so much surprised. "ANO?"

    I dragged him at the backyard. Tatadtarin na kita ng mga tanong. "Nagkikita pa ba kayo? May communication pa ba kayo? O may relasyon pa kayo?" I started to glare at him. "Teka, teka. Dahan-dahan lang sa pagtatanong." He frowned.

    I quickly answered him. "At bakit naman ako magdadahan-dahan kung alam ko na niloloko ako ng asawa ko?!" I yelled, making the backyard shake. "Wag kang maingay, baka magising yung bata." He replied softly. "Pasalamat ka at wala rito yung bata." I shot him a glare. "Asan ang bata?"

    "Nandun kina mamu. Alam mo Rex, punung-puno na ko sayo! Tumaas na yung galit ko eh. Gusto mo ikaw lang ang hari rito. Well, I don't think na makakatagal pa ko rito." My eyes went teary, and some tears are just staying there until I walked out of the backyard and headed my room, my tears are starting to fall down.

    I took my phone at the bed and started to fiddling it. "Hello?"

    "Hello? Sino to?" Yeah, I'm calling my prince, Lawrence. "Si Marriane to. May time ka ba?"


    The bartender went back with our drinks. "Thank you." Then the bartender walked away. I started to drink. "Bakit? May problema ba kayong dalawa?"

    "Sumusobra na sya. Lagi naman ako sumusunod sa mga utos nya ah! Tapos lolokohin lang ako?! Aish." I put down the cup angrily, and Lawrence looked at me in surprise. "Waiter, beer nga!" I yelled, making the whole bar shake. I glared at them. "Bakit nga?"

    "Tumawag si Candy kanina sa bahay, at yung ba-- I mean, ako yung sumagot." Muntik na ko dun ah! "Teka, anong sabi nya?" The bartender gave me the beer and hurriedly walked away.

    "Ha? Ahh, sabi nya eh, kung pwede raw makausap si Rex. Sabi ko wala sya. Tinanong ko yung pangalan tapos yun na nga. Si Candy nga." I lied. Obviously. "Eh bakit ka nagagalit?"

    "Kasi eh, may asawa na sya tapos nakikipaglandian pa sa iba. Nakakainis di ba?" I formed a fist and my eyes are flaming. "Wait, are you... jealous or something?" I looked straightly in his eyes and my eyes widened. Upon hearing that, I complained. "Jealous? Ako? Magseselos?" I quoted him in a question. "Well, oo. Ganyan kasi kapag nagseselos eh." He replied. "Ahh, hindi naman sa ganun. Gusto ko lang naman eh, yung hindi ako niloloko ng asawa ko."

    I was NOT jealous. Am I?

    [FM] LyLe

    ...And How can I stand here with you and not be moved by you?...Would you tell me how could it be any better than this?...
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    default Re: Accidentally In Love [ Story ]

    Post by [FM] LyLe on Fri Apr 17, 2009 2:08 pm

    Handcuff 22 - Care.

    When I came back, I saw him sitting at the couch and watching TV. My feet's noise caught Rex' attention and suddenly glanced at me. "Saan ka pumunta?"

    "Wala kang pakialam." I glared at him and starting walking through the kitchen. "Di ba sabi ko sayo? May pakialam ako dahil asawa mo ko?" I spun my head to see him at the couch. "Manahimik ka na lang muna." I blunted and continued to open the refrigerator to take a glass of water. I was about to go upstairs when he stopped me. "Mag-usap nga tayo."


    "You're losing your temper to me." He turned off the TV and headed to me. "As if you're losing your temper too, at sakin mo pa ibinubuntong." I glared at him once more. "Okay, let me explain this to you. Tumawag si Candy rito? Bakit naman sya tatawag rito eh wala na nga kaming communication nun? At ano naman ang problema dun kung sabihin ko na may relasyon pa kami?"

    "It's just, I dont want you to cheat at your wife, while I can't." I said softly. "So, you're jealous?" He asked smirking, making me jump. “I'M NOT?!” I yelled, throwing my hand down from my face, exposing myself to his eyes. He stared blankly at me as I stared at him with a confused look. I think of a question that will make him freak. "At bakit ka naman nagpapaliwanag sakin? Di ba gusto mo naman akong magalit sayo, makita ako umiiyak?!" I can see my picture smiling evily in my head.

    "Oo nga, bakit nga ba ako nagpapaliwanag sayo eh asawa lang naman kita?" Mabuti at naisip mo. Eh bakit nga ba ako nagagalit? Dahil ba nagseselos ako? "Look, umalis ako dahil pinapapunta ako ni papa dun sa bahay. Ikaw naman eh, hindi mo muna kasi inaalam kung ano talaga ang dahilan bago ka magwala." He stood up. "Matulog ka na. Inaantok na ko." Then he walked upstairs.

    "Ikaw naman eh, hindi mo muna kasi inaalam kung ano talaga ang dahilan bago ka magwala." Heh. Ang tang@ ko talaga.


    I can say na, hindi maganda ang umaga ko. Look, eto nanaman ang asawa ko, sumisigaw nanaman. "MARIANNE!!" Aish. Akala ko ba ayos na kami?!

    When I opened the door... "Ano bang problema mo?" I scratched my messy head. Kakagising ko lang kaya?! "Iplantsa mo nga to." He threw his polo to me. "Hindi ka ba marunong magplantsa, ha?" I defended. "Wala na kong time para magplantsa nyan. Bilis!" I examined him. He wears so casually today. Wait, why? "Bakit ka nakadamit ng ganyan? Saan ka pupunta?"

    "Somewhere." He answered sternly. "Bilis na!"

    "Ah! Oo eto na!” I said quickly, plopping off of the way and practically ran back to my room. Then he walked back into his room too. I mumbled some curses during ironing his clothes. "%@!#$." Then suddenly, my hands felt something. Something hot that --

    "AAAAHHHH!!!!" I quickly turned away my hand from the iron and kissed it. "OOUUCH." I pouted. Alam nyo na kung anong nangyari. Napaso ako sa sobrang pag-iisip. I think I should fry my mind now before thinking something else.

    "Kundi ka ba naman tang@ eh, nasunog mo na sana yung damit ko." A familiar popped out at my back. Yeah, it's the devil himself, Rex. "Masakit ba?" He asked me in a teasing tone, making me feel irritated. "Di sana hindi ako sumigaw kung di masakit." I replied sarcastically. Camille walked in to see what happened to me. "Ano pong nangyari sayo?"

    "Ah, wala to." Then Rex shoved his clothes and walked out, leaving me and Camille alone. "Teka, hindi pa yan tapos -- hay naku. Nakakainis talaga tong lalaking to. He doesn't care." I sat at the bed and still worrying about my hand. "Masakit po ba?" Camille asked, and I nodded in return. Then Rex came, wearing the clothes that I'm ironing and with a toothpaste clinging his hands. He sat next to me and suddenly held my hand. I sat there, confused and shocked.

    Rex wiped some toothpaste in his index finger and wiped it right through my hand. "Para di na masakit. Ayos na?" He let go of my hand after that. "Ah, oo. Ayos na." I replied in a soft voice. Then he headed to Camille and said, "Camille, anong gusto mong pasalubong?" Then he smiled.

    "Ah, cake po!" She cheered. Rex rested his hands through Camille's head and said, "Oo, sige. Ibibili kita. Behave ka dapat okay?"

    Since when he was so sweet while talking at kids?! And not at his wife?!

    He turned his head to me. "Alis na ko. Bye." Then he walked out. Wait, do he cared?

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    Handcuff 23 - Revelation.

    My phone rang from my desk and I quickly answered it. "Hello?"

    "Marianne." A male voice popped out on the phone. I bet you know who's this guy. "Lawrence. Bakit?"

    "Free ka ba? Pwede ba tayong lumabas ngayon?" Huh?! what should I say, what should I say?! "H-h-huh?? Ahh, umm... AH! Sorry ha? Nasa bahay kasi ako ngayon eh." I replied in a cheerful tone. "I'm at your door right now."

    ---- O_O! ANO?! What the -- ?!

    I quickly looked at the window and I saw him with his black convertible, waving his hands at me. What will I gonna do?! Nandito si Camille. Saan ko sya itatago?!

    I quickly walked downstairs, and Camille's at the living room, playing. I quickly rushed to her. "Ahh, Camille, baby? Pwede.. dun ka muna sa kwarto mo?" I replied with a grin in my face. "Mama, bakit?"

    "Umm... Kasi uhh.. lilinisin ko pa 'tong bahay! Look, andumi ng bahay oh. Umakyat ka na bilis!" I pushed her back to her room and when I got to her room, I quickly shut it. I leaned at the door and scoffed. "WHEW!"

    Then I ran downstairs to open the door. "Uhh, hi. Sorry kung natagalan kong buksan.. keke. Pasok!" I led him through the living room and --- "Bakit may laruan rito?" He asked, holding a stuff toy in his hands. "H-h-huh?! Ah.. uhh.. Oh! Sakin yan! Yeah, yeah."

    He laughed. "You're actually playing this stuff?" He said, holding his breath. Tsk. Loko, ano ko, bata? Pshh. "Uhh, no! Hindi ah. It's just, carebears are my favorite stuff toys. Nandun nga sa bahay ni Mamu yung collection ko nyan eh." I smiled. Then finally, he revealed his left hand with a bouquet of fresh red roses. "For you."

    "Th-thank you. hehe. di ka na dapat nagsayang ng pera. Mahal na rin ang mga roses ngayon."

    "It's just, namiss lang kita. Anyway, pwede ka ba? Kain tayo sa labas. Libre kita." Then he sat at the couch. "Uhh, sorry. di ko pwedeng iwanan tong bahay na gantong kadumi. At tsaka, lagot ako kay Rex pag iniwanan ko to ng madumi." And importantly, I CAN'T LEAVE CAMILLE HERE. Lagot ako sa mama nya.

    "Okay. Tutulungan na lang kita." He smiled. Yeah, guys like him has many hopes. I felt pity on him. Ayokong namang palampasin 'tong pagkakataon na 'to noh! Pero paano si Camille?

    "MAMA!" A female child voice popped out from upstairs. "Ano yun? May tao pa ba rito?" I turned my head upstairs. OH NO HINDI! He suddenly stood up from the couch and started searching where the noise was coming from. I put my hand at his arms, not letting him to go upstairs. "Wala! Wala yun." The noise was still there. Camille, manahimik ka nga jan?!

    "No, parang may narinig akong boses ng bata." Then he pushed away my hand and started to walk upstairs. "Lawrence!" I followed him and... THE END.

    "Sabi ko sayo eh. may bata rito." I looked at him in horror, holding Camille's hands happily. "Anong pangalan mo?"

    "Camille po." Aish. I'm busted. Utterly busted. "Mama." That was the words cracked up my thoughts. He turned his head to me. "Mama? ANAK MO?" He looked at me, confused. "Ahh.. oo?"

    "Bakit di mo sinabi sakin?" He straightly looked into my eyes, waiting for my answer. "U-u-uhh.. kasi.. sabi mo eh.. you're losing hope to me?" I grumbled.

    "Ah. Never mind that." He smiled in return and turned his head to Camille. "Sino po kayo?" I stared at them weirdly. They look like the same. It was, Rex and Camille. Aish, he's Lawrence and not that jerk!

    "Kaibigan ako ng mama mo. Gusto mo ng candy?" Camille nodded in return and Lawrence took something in his pocket. A candy popped in his palm. Camille cheerfully took the candy and ate it. Then Lawrence rested his hands in Camille's head and smiled at me. "Inampon nyo?" He chuckled.

    "H-huh? Hindi ah.. iniwan samin ng mama nya na si Andrea." I lifted my head to him, who stopped from laughing and looked curious, suprisingly shocked about what I've just said. "Bakit? May problema ba?"

    "Anong apelido ng mama nya?"


    "And-drea R-Reyes?" I looked at his pitiful eyes. Anong problema nya? "Oo, Bakit?"

    "W-wala." Then he headed again to Camille and suddenly put his hand over her cheeks and smiled. "Gusto mong maglaro?"

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    Handcuff 24 - A family day WITHOUT the husband.

    I stared at them in the swing, happily playing. Para silang mag-ama. Wow. "And-drea R-Reyes?" Bakit kaya nya natanong yun? Siguro naisip nya na talagang kaya namin na magkaroon ng sariling anak. AHH! Perverted thoughts. Kaya ko ba yun?! Eww. I won't be having a sex with him. NEVER. I'll just surrender my virginity to the real one. And what the hell, SIXTEEN PALANG AKO NOH!

    Lawrence sat beside me and gave me an ice pop. "Thanks. Teka, bakit mo natanong yung tungkol dun sa mama nya?"

    "H-huh? Ah.. Pamilyar lang kasi yung pangalan. Oh, nagkamali lang ako siguro." He opened his ice pop. Teka, may mali eh. Yeah. “ can’t have other guys while you're with me lalong lalo na pag kasama natin yung bata." Naku.. papatayin ako ni Rex nito eh. Teka, bakit nga ba ako nag-aalala? As if he was cheating too, di ba?

    Lawrence and I spent the day with Camille. It was.. FUN. Nung naglalakad kami sa kalsada, may narinig ako. "..aww.. ang cute nila noh, sana pag kasal na tayo, ganyan din tayo." Hehe. Naalala ko tuloy nung bata pa ako at nasa tiyan pa si Marco. That was I'm 4.


    "Saan nyo gusto pumunta?" Papu asked, blocking our way. "Umm.. Dun na lang sa park!"

    Papu brought us to the nearest park. I was happily playing with my dad and mamu was there at the bench, touching her tummy and weirdly talking to her tummy.

    A lady and a boy was walking through the park and saw us. Then I heard what was she saying. "Aww. Sana ganyan tayo ano?"

    *End of Flashback*


    Lawrence turned his head to Camille. "Nag-enjoy ka ba?"

    "Hmm. Thank you po." She smiled. Then he lifted his head to me. "Thank you Marriane. You two made my day."

    "Huh? Wala yun. Thank you nga pala dun sa mga roses." Then he bid goodbye and drove off. "Mama, bakit ka nya binigyan ng roses?"

    "Huh? Hindi ko rin alam eh. Tara na, baka makita pa tayo ng papa mo." Then we entered the house.


    "Andito na ko." He yelled around the house. I met him at the door, taking off his black leather shoes. God, he look hot! Look, his casual attire looked messy but he look super hot on him! His blue necktie was loose, the buttons were unattached, where he can barely show his stomach. "May pagkain pa ba?" Then he headed at the kitchen. It was something awkward. Hindi nya ko inasar ngayon. Bakit kaya?

    I followed him to show where's the left over food. "Ito oh." I pointed at the table. He sat down and I took the water at the fridge. "Saan ka pumunta?"

    "I told you, somewhere." He picked up the spoon and starting to eat the left over food. "Asan si Camille? Eto yung cake nya oh." He asked before he passed his mouth to the spoon. "Tulog na sya. Napagod siguro." I stared at him for a while. His perfect dark mysterious eyes, his precious long black messy hair, his tan skin tone, and his oh so red and kissable lips almost worked out on him. I told to myself. 'Marriane, tama si Abby. Kahit may topak, mayabang o siraulo 'yang asawa mo, may itsura naman kahit papano.' I hate to admit pero, HE WAS SO HOT ALL THE TIME. Nakakainis.

    "Bakit?" He slapped me back into reality. He was looking right through my eyes. "E-eh? Ah.. Wala. Bilisan mo. Huhugasan ko pa yan." I put my hand over the table. "Umakyat ka na, ako na lang ang maghuhugas." O.O Holy Whacamalli. "Hoy, ba't ang bait mo ata sakin ngayon? Nagsimba ka ba o ano?"

    "Hindi. Aish, wag mo nga ako asarin. Matulog ka na lang." He dictated in a half-serious tone. Too bad, my body followed him, HINDI AKO. I just closed the door and lied to the bed, staring at the ceiling weirdly.

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    Chapter 25 – Busy with what?

    “Mama, mamasyal tayo bukas!” Camille pleaded. “Okay.” I simply replied with a smile. Pero malungkot pa rin sya. “O, bakit? Pumayag nanaman ako ah.”

    “Gusto ko kasi, kasama si papa.”

    “Ah, sige ganto na lang. Pagdating ni papa mo, sasabihin ko na lang, ha?” She nodded. “Sige na, matulog ka na.” She bid goodnight to me and walked upstairs. Napatingin ako sa wall clock.

    Late na ah. Ba’t naman ang tagal nya?

    Sa sobrang kakaintay ko ng matagal, di ko na namalayan na nakatulog na ko sa couch.

    Paggising ko…

    “Kwarto ko to ah. Pano ko –“

    “Gising ka na pala.” I saw him at the door, at mukhang aalis nanaman sya. “Siguro sa kakaintay mo sakin kagabi nakatulog ka na dun sa couch.”

    I blushed. “Hi-hindi ah.” Napatingin ako sa sulok. “Ang kapal talaga ng mukha mo. Ilolock ko kaya yung gate noh.” I followed him downstairs. Teka, wag mong sabihing..

    Binuhat nya ko papunta rito? Lalo akong kinilabutan ah.

    “Aalis ka nanaman ba? Ano ba kasing pinagkakaabalahan mo?”

    He stopped and looked at me. “It’s none of your business.” He retorded and just continued his steps. “Sungit. Tinotopak nanaman ‘tong lalaking to. Hmmp.”

    “Ano sabi mo?”

    “Wala PO.” Talagang inemphasize ko yung po. Ano bang problema nya at nagsusungit sya sakin? Umagang umaga eh. Nung isang araw, ang bait bait nya sakin. Tapos ngayon, ganyan sya?


    “Gusto ko kasi, kasama si papa.”

    *End of Flashback*

    “Uh, Rex. May –“ He just disappeared from my sight. I sighed. Patience, Marriane… patience.

    Camille appeared from my sight and just fake a smile. I tapped her head with my bare hands. “Mukhang busy talaga sya. Si tito Lawrence mo na lang ang yayain natin.”


    At si Lawrence nga ang kasama naming lumabas. Masaya, pero malungkot pa rin. Kasi di namin kasama si Rex. Napansin ko, kahit sa bahay, wala kaming imikan. Alis sya ng alis. Kahit pagpasok, nauuna sya. Hindi na nya ako iniintay.

    Si Lawrence? Ewan ko ba kung bakit gusto nyang kasama si Camille. Posible kayang kilala nya talaga si Camille?


    Nag-CR kasi kami nun ni Abby. Pagkalock ko ng pinto ng isa sa mga CR’s, narinig ko yung usapan ng mga babaeng nagpapaganda. Si Abby, siguro ganun din, since hobby nya yun.

    “Nakakainis talaga. Sarap sakalin ng babaeng yun.” One of the girls said. “Sino ba?”

    “Yung kasama ni Rex. Feeling. ”

    Ako ba ang pinag-uusapan ng mga to?! Paulit-ulit na nagpe-play yung mga salitang yon sa utak ko, hanggang sa binuksan ko na yung pinto dahil sa galit ko. “Sino bang gusto nyong sakalin? Baka pwede ko kayong tulungan.”

    “Marriane..” Abby mumbled.

    Nagulat ako. Bakit nung nakita nila ako, hindi nila ako sinakal gaya nga ng sabi nila?

    Mukhang alam ko na kung sino yun eh.

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    Chapter 26 - Impossible Wish.

    I found myself standing at the dumpsters. Mabuti na tong maitapon na agad kaysa intayin pa yung trak ng basura. After that, I turned around and I saw Rex hugging... a girl?! Not ordinary girl, but Candy!

    I rubbed my eyes to know if I’m just wrong. But no. Him, the hug, the girl…

    Standing there, staring at them lasted for a minute and I quickly dashed through the house. Tiningnan ko si Camille sa kwarto nya and she’s now sleeping already. I walked towards her and kissed her forehead. “Ayokong masira ang pamilyang gusto mo. Mukhang imposible na ata ang hinihiling mo samin eh.”

    I can’t take it anymore so I rested my head beside her and cried for what I felt tonight.


    Nagising ako sa sikat ng araw. Nakatulog na pala ako rito sa higaan ni Camille with the same position I had when I was crying. I looked at the mirror and saw my red eyes. Ang sakit ng mata ko.

    Napansin ko ring natutulog pa si Camille. Let her be bago nya malaman ang mga pinaggagagawa ng so-called daddy nya. Speaking of him, hindi man lang sya nag-atubili na puntahan kami rito ngayon. That jerk. Makaalis na nga sa bahay na to. Since hindi naman nya ginagawa ang mga pinangako nyang responsibilidad [na ngayon ay napapako na], ilalayo ko muna sa kanya si Camille. Nainis rin kasi ako sa sarili ko kagabi kung bakit ako umiyak.

    I took Camille’s baggage at her cabinet and starting packing some of her clothes that she can use. “Mama, anong ginagawa mo?” I heard her yawning.

    Hinarap ko sya and looked her in the eyes. “Camille, baby,” I sighed and continued. “For now, dun muna tayo kay mamu.”

    “Bakit po?”

    I paused. Anong irarason ko sa kanya? *light bulb* “Kasi alam kong may mag-aalaga sayo dun. Kaysa dito, hindi ka naming maaalagaan nang husto. Baka magalit sakin ang mommy mo.” Oh, thank God for light bulb moments!

    “Magbihis ka na ngayon. Dun ka na lang maligo pagdating natin dun. Papasok pa kasi si mama sa school.”

    She nodded and starting to dress up. I showered, and dress up for the school. I went to Camille’s room again. “Camille, tapos ka na --”

    There he is. Ang magaling nyang papa. I felt an uneasy feeling strucked through me so I broke it. “Camille, tara na.”

    “Ba’t mo sya isasama dun?” Naningit ang walangya. “At bakit may mga dala kayong maleta? Aalis kayo?”

    “Obvious bang aalis kami? What do you think?” I glared at him. She pulled me outside of Camille’s room. “Ano bang problema mo ha?”

    “Anong problema ko? Ikaw ang problema ko. You’re nothing but a liar.”

    “Ano bang pinagsasasabi mo?”

    I sighed. “Let’s just trash the rules. It has no use, anyway.” I entered Camille’s room and took her out. “Ayusin mo muna ang sarili mo bago mo kami harapin.” With that, we eventually moved out of the house with our baggages. I suddenly paused when I saw his car. Nabawi na pala nya ang kotse nya.

    I sighed. Hindi ko alam kung bakit mo to ginagawa samantalang hinihiling lang nung bata eh isang buong pamilya.

    A dad, mom, and a child.

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    Chapter 27 - Committing a Hard Crime.

    Ilang araw nang patay ang cellphone ko simula nang nakituloy kami kina mamu. Ni hindi ko na alam kung babalik pa ba kami dun… sa bahay.

    Ewan. Tutal, wala naman syang pakelam at nagpapakasaya sya dun… eh di mabuti na yung ilayo ko muna si Camille sa kanya. At ilayo na rin ang sarili ko sa kanya. Ano bang iniiyak ko kagabi? Walang dapat iyakan, okay? Wala.

    “Ate, hindi pa ba kayo uuwi dun? Pang-apat na araw na ‘kong hindi natutulog sa kwarto ko!” My brother complained. Hehe. Since nung nawala na ko rito sa bahay namin, ginawa nang bodega ang kwarto ko noon. Ang sama ni mamu, ano? Bale lahat ng gamit ko, nasa bahay nung gwapong nilalang na yun.

    “Mama, nag-away po ba kayo ni papa?” Camille asked. Now the child’s asking me. Help me out! “Parang… ganun na nga, Camille. Hayaan mo, pag… hindi na galit si mama sa kanya, babalik tayo dun.” False words…

    … for which I don’t know if I’m going to do it or not. Aissh. Bakit ganito ang nangyari saming tatlo? Nung kalian lang, ang saya-saya namin.

    I felt bored so, I went upstairs. Then my eyes averted to my phone that is lying on the bed. Mabuksan nga.

    When the phone went on, I have this shape ‘O’ in my mouth again.

    3 messages received. Read? Exit?


    Come back here stup!d. We need to talk. - Craulo.

    I read the other messages that is sent on the day we left.

    Answer me. Come back here. - Craulo.
    Lanya naman to. Ano ba?! - Craulo.

    And the messages goes on. Puro ganung messages lang. Naman, makikiusap na nga lang, di pa masabi yung ‘please’. Tsk. LOLO MO, SAGUTIN MO. >_< Hmp.


    It’s been a week since nung umalis kami sa bahay. Alam nyo kung anong ibig kong sabihin dun sa bahay. Napanin ko ring hindi na sya nagtetext o kaya tawag lang. Ang bilis naman nyang sumuko. Loser.

    My phone rang and I thought si Rex yun… yun pala si Lawrence lang. Argh. Why do I have a feeling na naiinis ako sa sarili ko for not answering his? Any of it?

    Sinagot ko na nga lang yung tawag ni Lawrence kesa isipin pa na naiinis ako. “Hi.” He answered as I checked out the window.

    “Hi. Musta? Pasensya na hindi na ko nakakapunta sa library. I’m just feeling down-on-earth these days.”

    “Alam ko.” Napakunot ang noo ko. Bakit, halata ba sa boses ko? “Haha. Nakita mo sana yung mukha mo kanina.”

    Biglang may naghonk sa labas. Napatungo ako at yun, nakita ko si Lawrence. With his black convertible. “Pano mo nalaman bahay ko?”

    “Kay Abby. Sakay na miss. Pero mahal ang bayad.” He spoke at the phone while eyeing on me. “Magkano ba?” I asked sarcastically.

    “Hindi pera ang kailangan ko. Smile ang kailangan mong ibayad sakin.”

    “Pano kung ayoko?”

    “Pasensya ka. Limited lang ang pagsakay rito miss. Di mo ba alam na lilipad ako sa moon gamit to?”

    “Ewan ko sayo. Bababa na PO.” After that, I happily skipped out of the house.


    “Kala ko ba lilipad tayo sa moon?” I asked while comfortably sitting beside him. “Naubusan ng rocket.” He answered as he was driving. “Loko. Bakit mo naman ako pinuntahan?”

    “May pinag-awayan kayo noh?”

    Hindi na ko nakakibo sa tanong nya at pinagmasdan na lang ang red traffic lights. “Meron nga.”

    Tiningnan ko yung ibang sasakyan na gumalaw. Then I saw it. His car. REX?

    But unfortunately, hindi pala sya yun. Ibang kotse pala yun. Akala ko, kanya. Okay, I admit. I TRULY MISS HIM.

    Also, Lawrence’s car began to move. I curled up myself and hugged my knees while my hair’s flowing everywhere because of the wind.

    Him, the hug, the girl…

    Kapag naaalala ko yun, I couldn’t help it but to cry.

    And now, I finally realized… that I’m not just committed a single crime, but two crimes. One is the car. Two?

    I’m not sure about this feeling. Looks like I’m committing a hard crime. And that is realizing that I now like him.

    I hate myself!

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    Chapter 28 - I admit.

    “Marriane, anak. Hanggang kelan pa ba kayo rito ha?” Mamu asked as she was cooking and I was helping her cutting the other ingredients. “Oo nga ate. Baka nakakalimutan mo, nandun pa rin kayo sa kwarto ko.” He said sarcastically as he was playing with Camille. Oo, alam ko.

    “Di ko alam. Tapos na ko.” I washed my hands. “Dun muna ko sa taas.” I said as mamu responded with her hand over the air and I proceed to my brother’s room. My body loosen up the the bed.

    I looked at the Christmas lights blinking hanging at the window. Yeah. Christmas na bukas. 2 weeks na kaming nandito, pero hindi pa rin tumatawag si Rex. Ayoko namang tawagan sya. Baka sabihin nyang di ko sya matiis. Mabuti na yung mautak ka, nang hindi ka naiisahan.

    My phone rang. Nung mapatingin ako sa screen, Craulo calling…

    I slowly answered the phone in a small voice. “He-hello?”

    “Hello, Marriane?”
    “Rex? Anong nangyari sa boses mo?”
    “Hindi si Rex to. Si Russel Mace to. Remember sa Hongkong?”
    “Ah.. naalala ko na. Bakit ikaw ang tumawag?”
    “Si Rex kasi… naconfine sa ospital.”


    “Saan sya sinugod?!”


    Hindi na ko nagsayang ng oras. Pumunta agad ako dun sa ospital at naabutan ko si Russel sa Room 213 kausap ang doctor na sumuri sa kanya. Sinilip ko yung nakahiga sa kama. It was Rex.

    “Ano po bang nangyari sa kanya?!”

    “Calm down iha. Boyfriend mo ba sya?” Boyfriend? Kelan ko sya naging boyfriend? Napaisip rin ako. Nakasal kami nang walang relasyon. Hay naku. Kaya nga arranged marriage eh. Toinks.

    “Hindi po. Asawa po.” Nagtaka yung doctor. “Alam ko po, nagulat kayo. But it’s the truth.” I showed him my wedding ring. “Ulcer. Hindi sya kumakain ng sapat that’s why he suffered that. He suffered dehydration too. But he’s safe now.”

    Napansin ko rin sa mukha nya na parang namumutla sya habang asikaso sya nung nurse. Why’d he do that?! Sira talaga ulo nun. “Maiwan ko na muna kayo.” And the doctor walked away.

    “Ano bang nangyari sa kanya?”

    “Hindi ko rin alam. Basta pagkadating ko rito, tinawagan nya ko at puntahan ko raw sya sa bahay nyo. And I saw hhim dying. Napansin ko ring wala ka sa bahay nyong dalawa. What happened?”

    I shook my head. “Kung di ba naman sya siraulo, matagal ko na syang pinatay.”

    “Ganyan talaga ‘yang kaibigan ko. Napakaarte. Tinawagan na lang kita rito sa cellphone nya kasi alam ko kailangan ka talaga nya ngayon. Pano, ikaw na bahala sa kanya ha? Uwi muna ako sa condo ni Jenny. Sige.” And he left. Jenny? His girlfriend, remember? Buti sila pa rin hanggang ngayon.

    As I entered the room, I saw the nurse. Nakakainis. She’s admiring my hubby! “Umm.. nurse?” She looked at me. “Ako nang bahala sa kanya. Tatawagin na lang kita.” Yah, taken na yan noh!

    As she turned around to the door, she whispered. “Damot naman nito. Hmp.” She closed the door. Eh sorry talaga. He is actually taken na.

    I walked towards him and sat at the chair beside the bed. “Nakakainis ka naman eh.” I complained. I think I’m going to cry of so much worry. “Ikaw nga ‘tong nakakainis eh. Ayaw mo kong sagutin. Kasalanan mo to eh.” His eyes suddenly opened. “Nanisi ka pa.” I rolled my eyes. “Syempre noh. Sino pa bang sisisihin ko kundi ikaw lang?”

    I sighed. “Bakit mo ba to ginagawa? You made me worried.” I asked him. There was a pause and at any other point in time, his response would have shocked me to the point of melting. However, the current situation was really different.

    “Kasi naman, iniwan mo ko eh.”

    We pause there for a long time as I registered his words in my mind. He decided to break the ice. “Tsk. Eto lang pala ang gagawin ko para balikan mo ko.”

    Napaupo sya sa kama and I looked up at him whose gaze was on me intensely. I felt my heart skip a beat. “You responded well.” With that, he pulled my arm and he wrapped me in his embrace. “I missed you so much.” He whispered into my ear. That’s when I started to hug him too. My final answer? No. I don’t like him.

    I love him. I wonder if he feel the same way too.

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    Chapter 29 - Okay?

    “So, okay na ba tayo?”

    “I’m not sure. Baka gumawa ka nanaman ng kalokohan eh.”

    “Anong kalokohan?”

    We heard a knock coming from the door, causing us to release ourselves in our arms. “Ako na lang ang magbubukas.” I stood up and opened the door. It was Camille and mamu. “Papa!” Camille exclaimed as she passed my presence and rushed to Rex. He hugged her tightly. Nag-alala si mamu dahil di ako nakapagpaalam. Binilisan ko na kasi ang takbo ko after kong marinig na nandito sya sa ospital. Ayun, nagtext si mamu at sinabi ko yung nangyari.

    Namiss nga talaga nila ang isa’t isa.

    “Musta na ang baby ko?” He kissed her head. “Papa, kaya ba kami umalis ni mama dahil nandito ka? Bakit may nakadugtong sa braso mo?”

    “It’s nothing, baby. I’m so happy na makikita ka pa rin ni papa mo.”

    “Hay, naku. Paskong pasko, wala ang papa mo.” Sumingit si mamu, referring to his dad. “Dun sya po sa mama ko magse-celebrate ng pasko.”

    “Kaya pala. Ano, iiwan ko na ba sainyo si Camille?”

    “Yes, mamu. Iwan mo na sya rito. Namiss na nga talaga si Rex.”

    “Eh pano ba naman kasi, halos dalawang linggo mo syang inilayo sa kanya. Ano, ayos na ba kayong dalawa?”

    Napatingin lang ako kay Rex. “Hay naku, anak. Magbati na kayong dalawa. Alis na ko.”

    “Bye, mamu.” When the door closed, he started. “Tingnan mo, pati yung mama mo, gusto na rin tayong mag-ayos.”

    I sighed. “Oo na sige na.” I smiled. “Talaga? Then prove it.” He smirked. “Prove it ka dyan? Kung ano-anong pinagsasasabi mo, kaharap mo yung bata.”

    “Okay fine.” He smiled too. Inakbayan nya si Camille. “Pano ba yan, dito tayo magse-celebrate ng unang pasko natin?”

    “Kagagawan mo kasi eh. Maipasyal sana natin si Camille.”

    “Okay lang po yun mama. Kasama naman po natin si papa diba?” I was touched to her words. “That’s the spirit, Camille!”

    Camille suddenly yawned, causing her to stop laughing. “11 PM na pala. Hindi tayo makakauwi. Inaantok ka na tuloy.”

    “Dun ka na lang sa couch matulog, Camille. Pero, san ako matutulog?”

    “Oo nga noh.”

    “Eh di sa tabi ni papa!” Camille said and I looked at her. “Di ba po, mama at papa ko kayo? Kaya pwede po kayong matulog ng magkatabi.”

    “Pwede?” I looked at Rex who is also astonished but seem to be calm now. Naalala ko yung time na nakatabi ko sya sa kama nung nasa Hongkong kami. Wait. He’s smirking. What was he thinking?!

    Nabaling ang tingin ko kay Camille na talagang papasarado na ang mata. “Teka lang, Camille. Aayusin ko lang ang higaan mo.”

    Kinuha ko yung excess pillow at kumot ni Rex at nilagay ko sa may couch. “Goodnight, baby. Merry Christmas.” I kissed her forehead. “Goodnight, mama, papa. Merry Christmas rin po.” And she went to sleep.

    “Matulog na rin tayo. Medyo inaantok na rin ako eh.”


    Bakit ganun? Kinakabahan pa rin ako? Nakatabi ko na sya sa kama, come on. Pero bakit kinakabahan pa rin ako? Baka kasi… “Ano nanaman ang mga pinag-iisip mo? Ganyan ba talaga kadumi ang utak mo? Pwede ba, wala akong gagawin sayo kaya matulog ka na rito.”

    “Pwede ba wag kang manumbat? Hindi ako ganun kung mag-isip noh.”

    When I lied beside him, I felt his warmth through the bed. Gaya nga ng sabi nya, wala syang gagawin kaya nakatalikod sya sakin. Also, nakatalikod din ako sa kanya. Hay… kailan kaya ‘to matatapos?

    “Gising ka pa ba?”

    “Oo naman. Kakahiga ko lang, pwede ba? Ano ba yun?”

    There’s a silence between us before he speak again. “Salamat.”

    “What for?”

    “Sa patience na binibigay mo sakin. Salamat.”

    I nearly smiled and faced his back. “Rex.” But, he didn’t respond. Oh, well. Tulog na siguro sya. Ang bilis nyang makatulog noh?

    “Merry Christmas.”

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    Chapter 30 - Just NOTHING for him.

    The sun shines brightly, almost lightning the room. When I opened my eyes, all I can see is him. Ang cute nya talaga kung matulog ano? Wag na lang sana sya magising. Hehe.

    Naramdaman kong gumalaw sya kaya napatungo ako at bumalik sa pagkatulog ko, which is hindi naging effective. “Hoy. Bistado ka na. Gising ka na diba?”

    “Hmm.. h-huh? Gising ka na?” I whined. He smacked me on my forehead. “Aray -- aww!” I touched my forehead. Magkakaroon pa yata ako ng bukol nito ah.

    Napaupo kaming dalawa at napatingin sa isa’t isa. “Nakatulog ka ba ng maayos?” I asked. “Hm. Kasi hindi ka na humihilik katulad nung una tayong magkatabi. Ang ingay mo kaya noon.”

    “Ang kapal mo!” I smacked his head. “Aray! Totoo naman eh --”

    We heard a loud thump at the door. “Ano yun?” I asked as we rushed to the door.

    It was Candy, lying on the floor and was lost of her consciousness.

    “Dee?!” He exclaimed as he rushed to her and tried to recover her consciousness. Ang sakit. Watching them two makes my heart torn into pieces. “Dee, gumising ka! Candy!”

    But she still felt unconscious so Rex carried her in his arms like a prince. Parang ako yung witch na lumason kay Snow White nito. He was about to ran away with her when I stopped him. “Rex, wag mo kong iwan.” I said in a small voice.

    “Pero --”

    “Please.” I snapped.

    There’s a silence between us before he speak again. “Marriane…”


    Door closed.

    “Mama, *yawn* asan po si papa?” Camille asked as she walked towards me. “H-huh? U-umalis sya.” I shook my head. “Babalik pa po sya diba?”

    “Ah… oo. Babalik pa sya. Pero, baby… umuwi na muna tayo kay mamu.”

    “Pano po si papa?”

    “Babalik naman tayo mamaya eh. Tara na.” We deserted the hospital and took a taxi way back home.. in mamu’s home.

    “Marriane, sorry.”

    He.. just ran away with her. Anong magagawa ko?

    I’m just nothing but a prisoner of his.


    Gabi na at hindi pa rin ako lumalabas ng kwarto ko. I just felt crying the whole day. Parang.. wala lang sa kanya yung nangyari kagabi. Akala ko ba okay na kaming dalawa? Siguro nga… panaginip lang yung nangyari kagabi. I gave him several chances, but what just he did? He just wasted it. Hindi ko na alam kung anong gagawin ko. I continued drying under the piles of pillows para hindi nila marinig na umiiyak ako.

    Ang sakit. Sobra.

    I took my phone under the pillow and I dialed Lawrence’s number.

    “Hello?” Said on the other line? “Lawrence. Si Marriane ‘to. Pwede ka ba ngayon?”


    Niyaya ko sya sa isang bar para uminom. Walang-wala ako sa sarili ko nung mga oras na yun. Siguro nga dahil marami na kong nainom nun. “Marriane, tama na. Pang-anim mo nang bote yan noh.” He said as he was trying to take away the bottle of beer from me. Tama. Marami na nga akong nainom.

    “Hi--hinde! Ka--kaya ko p--pa nohh…”

    “Dun na lang kita ihahatid sa bahay nyo ni Rex. Tara na.” He stood up and tried me to guide my way outside. “An--no ba… hindi ko p--pa ubos-s yu--yung iniinom k-ko…”

    Ipinasok nya ko sa kotse nya. I attempt to go out kaso, sinarado nya agad yung pinto. “Argh.” Napasandal na lang ako sa sandalan ng upuan. At the time that he was now inside the car, I started to cry. “May… nagawa… ba akong… *sniff* mali sa kanya kaya… nya ‘to… ginaga..wa?”

    I felt my hand was taken by him. “Well, *sigh* that’s love. Masasaktan ka talaga. And kung hindi ka nya talaga ganun kamahal katulad ng pagmamahal mo sa kanya, you have no choice but to set him free.”

    He started the engine and drove away.

    What if I can’t set him free?

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    Chapter 31 - Shout-Out Confessions.

    "Ugh, ang ulo ko… ang sakit." I felt so groggy and tired. Idagdag nyo pa ang hang-over ko at etong sugat rito.. sa puso ko. Yeaaa. Ang sakit talaga…

    I felt someone was beside me as I looked through the mist in my vision. I opened my eyes and found Rex’s head buried under his arms. He suddenly woke up by the noise I made. I looked at the clock hanging at the wall, telling me that it was now 3 in the morning.

    “Gising ka na pala. *yawn.*”

    “Ang sakit talaga ng ulo ko.” I complained. He stood up. “Teka. Kukuha kita ng kape para dyan.” And he walked out of the room.

    I tried to clear my mind of what happened. Okay. Kasama ko si Lawrence kagabi na uminom, tapos -- yun na lang ang naalala ko. Nalaman ko na lang na nandito ako sa kwarto ni Rex, which means hinatid ako ni Lawrence rito.

    He went back with a cup of black coffee in his hand. “Oh. Inumin mo.” He handed me the cup as he sat down. Uminom ako ng unti bago ako nagsalita. “Di ba dapat nasa ospital ka ngayon?”

    “Nagcheck-out na ko pagdating ng hapon pagkatapos kong isugod si Candy sa ER.” Candy nanaman. Palulunukin kita ng candy nang matauhan ka kung sinong kaharap mo ngayon. “Halos murahin mo na nga ako at isumpa sa harap ni Lawrence kagabi. Mahiya ka naman.”

    “Huh? Anong pinagsasasabi mo? Kelan kita ginanun?”



    When we arrived at the front of our house, he took me out. “Ano b-ba.. ay--yoko pang umu--wi…” I groaned. “Teka, wag kang malikot.” He pressed the doorbell. Then, my not-so-clear vision saw Rex at the door, approaching me. “Anong nangyari sa kanya?” He attempted to carry me but I explode when I realized that he was the cause of this ache.

    “HEH! WAG MO NGA AKONG MAHAWAK-HAWAKAN! WAG KANG LALAPIT!” I exclaimed as I shove him away and Lawrence’s hand too. I stood steadily and pointed my hand like a year older.

    “HOY, IKAW! !@#$ KA! !@#$%^&* KA SA BUHAY KO! DAPAT SA’YO !@#$%$#@ NA! NAKAKA-@#$!%^* KA! I !@#$%^ HATE YOU!”

    *End of Flashback*

    “Si… nabi ko yun kagabi?” I asked and he nodded. His phone suddenly rang and he answered it. Medyo narinig ko yung boses sa kabilang linya. “Carlo?” Said the other line.

    “Candy? Bakit?”

    I shove the phone away from his ears as I hear her voice says, ‘I need you.’ before I shut the phone off. “Ano ba?! Ba’t mo pinatay?”

    I just kept my silence at that time. “Amp. ANO BA, IBALIK MO NGA SAKIN YAN!”

    “Ayoko.” I shook my head, almost hiding my eyes beneath my hair. I felt him walking towards me. “Ibalik mo na.” He begged, trying to be so nice. “Ayoko nga sabi.”





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    Chapter 32 -Escape.

    A few hours passed as that came up to our conversation. I tried to recall what he just said before he took his phone and left me hanging to his words.


    Did he just say that? Did he really meant what he just said? O baka naman sinabi nya lang yun para patigilin nya ko sa pagsasalita ko? Well, when it comes to him, I really don’t know if he really meant everything that he says or he was just lying. Basta pagdating sa kanya… hindi ko alam kung totoo o hindi. Hay.. ewan.

    I wish I can escape everything that’s happening in my life with him in our own paradise.


    My phone rang at the middle of my sleep. Lecheng cellphone. “Hello?”

    “Marriane! Merry Christmas! Hindi ba tayo lalabas?”

    “Uh.. ayoko.”

    “Are you okay?”

    “Yeaaa. Okay lang ako..”

    “Girl, lying is a really good way into Hades. Kilala kita. Ilang years na rin tayong dalawa kaya hindi mo ko madadala ng drama mo dyan. Want my accompany? Need a shoulder?”

    I sighed. “Hindi na. Siguro nga, pinagtitripan ako ngayon ng fate. Sasakay na lang siguro ako sa kalokohan ng tadhana na ginawa para sakin.”

    “Girl, kaya mo yan. Remember nung elementary pa tayo? Natapos mong sagutan yung DD cards noon… gabi na nga tayo nun nakauwi eh. Halos ikulong mo na yung teacher natin nun para bantayan ka lang.”

    “What’s the point?”

    “Na habang buhay, hindi ka nawawalan ng pag-asa. Goodluck!” Hayy.. weird example. Aish.

    The door suddenly opened. “Tawag na lang ako sa’yo, girl. Bye.” I ended the conversation. “Dumating ka na pala.”

    “Pasensya na kung nasigawan kita kanina. Nababanas lang talaga ako sa sarili ko ngayon.” His voice sounds so convincing to me now. Mabuti naman at marunong kang magpakumbaba.

    There was silence between us before I could speak. “Ano bang nangyari kay Candy at bigla na lang syang hinimatay nung nakaraang araw?”

    “Inatake nanaman sya sa puso.”

    Huh? Si Candy.. “May sakit sa puso?”

    “Oo. Her father explained everything to me tungkol sa kalagayan nya. Mga 14 years old nya naramdaman yun. Hindi man lang nya sinabi sakin yun hanggang sa umalis sila rito sa bansa. Bukod sa nag-aaral sya dun, lagi syang dinadalaw ng doctor nya pagkatapos ng klase nya… para suriin sya araw-araw. Bumalik sya rito dahil… she wants to spend her last moments with me.”

    “Hanggang… kalian na lang sya?”

    “Pagkaraan siguro ng January. Next year.”

    I misunderstand everything between them. He’s always with her because she’s making her last moments with him.

    Ang sama ko.

    “Siguro naman, naiintindihan mo na. Hindi yung bigla ka na lang manghahablot ng cellphone at sasabihin mong gusto mo ko.”


    “Ku-kumain ka na ba?” I asked, trying to change the subject. “Ah, oo. Ikaw, kumain ka na ba?”

    “Don’t try to change the subject.” Napaka-awkward naman nitong usapan na ‘to. Pwede bang bumalik ka muna kay Candy? Pinapaalala mo kasi yung kanina eh. “Wha-what do you mean? Hindi ko alam yung sinasabi mo.” Reasonable ba?

    Lumabas ka na lang muna kasi Marriane. Diba lagi ka namang ganyan? Always escaping over anything? Then do it.

    “L-lalabas na muna ako.” I said and turned to walk away. But then, he suddenly grabbed my hands and hugged me.

    “I really meant what I said kanina. I really like you.” He said at bumitaw ako. I pushed him when said those four words. I looked at him in shock. “Pero si Candy--”

    “See this ring?” He raised his hand and also mine, showing our wedding rings. “We have this, and we always going to have this. Sino ba rito ang asawa ko kundi ikaw lang?” There was an awkward silence between us. Then he smiled. His eyes were only seeing… mine. Then it happened again. The kiss. But, it was a gentle one this time.

    He hugged me again and whispered at my back. “Kaya mo pang magtiis diba?”

    “Oo.. kaya ko pang magtiis.. para sa’yo.”

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    Chapter 33 - Sad, indeed.

    Binalikan ko si Camille sa bahay ni mamu. I told her that we’re coming back so I packed our things. Look, she’s so happy. Salamat, matutupad na rin ang hiling ni Camille. A complete family.

    Nagvolunteer naman si Lawrence na ihatid kami papunta dun sa bahay namin ni Rex. “Here’s the stop, mam.” He said as if he was a tour guide. Sheesh. “Mama, papasok na po ako!” Camille said and went out of the car. She’s very excited talaga.

    “Hay… siguro naman, hindi na kayo mag-aaway pa.”

    “Oo naman, I now have this trust on him. Kapag may nangyari uli, ako na mismo ang kikitil sa buhay nya.” Tumawa lang kaming dalawa at bumaba ako ng kotse nya. I just waved goodbye and umalis na siya ng nakapasok na ako ng bahay.

    “Mama, asan po si papa?”

    “Ah.. may pinuntahan sya siguro, Camille.” I answered as I sat on the couch. “Mag-aaway nanaman po ba kayo ni papa? Iiwanan nanaman po ba natin sya?”

    “No.. hindi na. Promise.” I said and I raised my hand as a proof. “Sige na, dun ka muna sa kwarto mo. Magluluto muna ako ng dinner natin.” Sumunod naman si Camille.

    Things are getting smoothly. Until someone broke it.

    The phone suddenly rang. I wonder kung sya na ‘to. Dang, 7 pm na kaya at hindi pa rin sya dumarating. Baka kung --- NAH. Hindi na mangyayari uli yun. Hindi na.

    “Marriane, ikaw ba yan?” Teka, parang pamilyar ang boses na ‘to ah.
    “Yes. May I ask who are you?”
    “It’s me, Andrea.” Oh, si Andrea lang pala ---

    S-S-SI… ANDREA?!

    If you ask me who is that, that’s Camille’s biological mom na pinsan ni Rex. “Ikaw pala ‘yan!”

    “Yeah. Musta na ang anak ko?”

    “Umm.. she’s fine! She’s always okay and fine.” Naku, pag nalaman nyang naaapektuhan si Camille sa naging away namin ni Rex, malalagot ako nito.

    “Mama, gutom na ko!” Camille shouted as she was going downstairs. I think she heard her voice. “Can I… can I talk to her?”

    “Sige. Teka lang ah.” Tinawag ko si Camille to answer the phone. “Hello po? Mommy! Namimiss ko na po kayo!” She cried. Then I thought of it.

    Kukunin na ba nya samin si Camille?

    Please, wag muna. Please.

    “Mama oh.” She said in a sad tone. “Hello?”

    “Umm… Marriane..” Don’t say it, don’t say it. I don’t want to hear it. “”

    “I’m going to take her na.”

    Please. Don’t.

    “Re-really? So kelan?” Argh. Stup!d ka talaga, Marriane. Ba’t di mo sabihin sa kanya direct to the point? “By this weekend. Hindi pala talaga kayang tiisin ng isang magulang ang anak noh?”

    “Yeah.” Ako rin kaya, di ko kayang tiisin. Napamahal na sakin si Camille kahit kalahating taon palang kami nagkakasama. At tsaka, gusto ko ring tuparin ang hiling ni Camille… dahil alam ko na wala ang kanyang biological dad.

    “Hin.. hindi ba kayo magtatagal ni Camille rito pagkakuha mo sa kanya?”

    “Hindi na. Tutal, si Camille lang naman ang pakay ko dyan sa Pinas. Sya lang.” Huh? Anong ibig sabihin ng sya lang ang pakay nya? May iba pa ba bukod sa kanya?

    “I’m gonna call na lang when things here will be arranged na. Sige, bye.” And she hung up. But, I’m still at the phone kahit na binaba na nya. “Wag mo muna syang kunin.” I whispered to the phone and hung it too.

    “Anong sabi po ni mommy ko?”

    “Ku.. kukunin ka na nya samin, Camille.”

    “Talaga po? Yayyyy!! Magkikita na kami ni mommy!!!” She jumped in joy. At ako naman, malungkot. Bigla syang napatigil. “Mama, bakit ka sad?”

    Bigla namang tumulo yung luha ko. “Kasi naman, bigla-bigla ka na lang kukunin ng mommy mo samin. Tuloy, ayaw na ata kitang ibigay…” I cried.

    She hugged me. “Ikaw lang po ang mama ko habang buhay.”

    “What about your mommy?”

    “Sya po ang mommy ko. Ikaw naman po ang mama ko. And I love my mommies.”

    Napapikit na lang ako ng mata ko at napatigil na ko sa pag-iyak. “I love you mama.”

    “I love you too, baby.” I kissed her on her head. A loud growl on her stomach sounded that made us move again. “Mama, hindi po ba tayo kakain?”

    “Ah! Nga pala! Kakain pa pala tayo. Haha. Halika na, kumain na nga tayo.” Binuhat ko sya papuntang dining room para kumain.

    “Andito na ko!” I heard Rex’s voice from the living room and I saw him walking towards here. “Andito pala ang baby namin na si Camille..” He kissed her on the head and then sat on the other seat which is next to me, starting to eat.

    “Alam mo ba papa, tumawag dito si mommy… sabi nya kukunin na nya raw po ako!”

    “Huh?” Napatingin sakin si Rex. “Totoo ba yun? Tumawag rito si Andrea?”

    “Oo. She said she’s going to retrieve Camille by weekend.” I answered in a sad tone. He turned to Camille. “Camille, look what you’ve done at your mother, sumasayad na ang nguso sa lupa. Anong gagawin natin?”

    “Ah! Lumabas po tayo bukas! Gusto ko pong pumunta ng Enchanted Kingdom!”

    “Ah.. okay.” He turned to me again. “Don’t make any plans bukas ha? It’s our family day tomorrow.” He said. “Hay naku.. ikaw nga ‘tong laging lumalabas eh --”

    “Mag-aaway nanaman po ba kayo?”

    We looked at Camille.

    “No, sweetie. Remember, nagpromise si mama? That will never happen again… diba?” I looked at Rex. Inakbayan naman nya ko. “Yup. Hindi na.” And he kissed my forehead. Cheesy, eh? But it was good. ^___^

    But then, kukunin pa rin samin si Camille. Sad, indeed…

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    Chapter 34 - Departure Confession.

    The day after, lumabas kaming tatlo. Hindi ko maexplain kung ano ang nararamdaman ko nung mga oras na yun. Basta, kasama ko pa rin sila nun.

    I wish we could be like this… forever.


    “Flight 507, London to Philippines has now arrived.”

    We were sitting at the bench while Lawrence was leaning at the wall as the people passed us with their baggages. Yup. We’re at the airport. And this is the day that Camille will be taken away from us.

    “Stop pouting.” Rex opted. “Shut up.”

    “Ang tagal naman ni -- MOMMY!” She exclaimed as she saw her mother -- true mother with a small bag. Sabi ko nga, hindi sya magtatagal. She dashed over to her and hugged her. “I miss you mommy!”

    “I missed you too, baby.” She said as her eyes were shut. I was about to take Camille’s baggage as I suddenly looked at Lawrence and he was like, nakakita ng multo.

    Bakit ba? Is there something wrong?

    Camille suddenly pulled her in front of Lawrence. “Mommy, meet tito Lawrence!”

    As Andrea saw his face, her eyes widened. Walang makapagsalita sa kanilang dalawa kundi si Camille lang. Oh, maybe there was something really wrong. “Alam mo po ba mommy, ang bait po sakin ni tito Lawrence --- mama…” She suddenly looked at me. “B-bakit?”

    “Naiihi po ako!”

    Naman, nakakabitin naman ‘tong si Camille oh. “’Lika, sasamahan na lang kita.” Sabi naman ni Rex at umalis na sila. Napatingin uli ako dun sa dalawa na hindi pa rin gumagalaw hanggang ngayon. Until she broke it and looked at me.

    “Bibili muna ako ng ticket pabalik.” Pero bago pa sya makaalis, nahawakan na ni Lawrence ang braso ni Andrea. “Ikaw na ang bumili.”

    Nagsalita naman si Andrea. “Teka --”

    “Ikaw na ang bumili.” Naku, he looked so vulnerable. With dark portal eyes and cold expression, hindi yan ang Lawrence na nakilala ko ah.

    Napalakad naman ako ng mabilis papalayo sa kanila. Baka kung anong gawin sakin ni Lawrence eh. Teka, sandali.


    Papunta na ko sa kanila nang marinig ko ang mga boses nila. Na parang nag-aaway sila. Napatago naman ako sa may pader malapit sa kanila.

    “Don’t be like that, Andrea. Don’t act like you don’t know me at all.”

    “Eh sa hindi naman talaga kita kilala eh!” She exclaimed. “You know me.”

    “I don’t.”

    “Kilala mo ko.”

    “I don’t.”

    He sighed. “Hanggang kelan ka ba magiging ganto sakin ha?! Sya na yun diba?” Anong sya? Sino? Magkakilala ba sila?

    “Ba’t mo naman nasabi ha?”

    Silence occurred. Pero nung marinig ko ang mga sumunod na sinabi ni Lawrence, napatakip ako sa bunganga ko. “I can feel it. Anak ko sya, anak natin sya.”

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    Chapter 35 - Sad Departure.

    “No, hindi. Hindi mo sya anak. Patay na ang daddy nya. Wala syang daddy na katulad mo.”

    “Bakit mo ba sya nilalayo sakin? May karapatan naman ako sa kanya diba?”

    “Wala kang karapatan sa kanya.”

    “Why not?!”

    “You’ve just said it before. You hate responsibilities.” Napaupo sya sa may bench. “Nung sinabi ko sa’yo noon na merong tao dito sa tyan ko, tinakasan mo ko. Nung time na kailangan ko ng tagapagtanggol laban sa tatay ko, hindi ka dumating. Ngayong napalaki ko sya ng maayos, kukunin mo naman sya sakin. Wala kang karapatan sa kanya dahil ako lang ang kinilala nyang tatay at nanay nya!”

    I was astonished at that time. Totoo ba talaga yun? Naguguluhan ako sa mga narinig ko. Si Lawrence na nakilala ko sa kalsada na sinabihan akong hindi dapat ako humarang sa kalsada dahil delikado… has a child?!

    And then, iniwan nya ‘tong si Andrea with a big responsibility?!

    But then, she started to cry. “It’s too late to change everything. Kahit anong gawin mo, hindi mo sya makukuha sakin. Aalis kami ni Camille.” She was about to walk when he suddenly hugged her.

    “Please. Don’t. I know what I did is wrong. Alam mo namang tutol sayo noon ang parents ko, diba? Kaya, hindi ako makalapit sa’yo nun. And now, wala na sila. We can start all over again. Just don’t leave me.”

    “No. Maayos na ang buhay naming dalawa. Wag mo na kaming guluhin. Pagod na ko.” She escaped successfully into his arms and she passed me with tears in her eyes. Hinarap ko naman si Lawrence.

    “Kanina ka pa dyan diba?”

    “Totoo ba yun? Ha? Anak mo… si Camille?”

    “Ang liit talaga ng mundo ano? Sabi ko na nga ba, tama ang instincts ko. I can feel it.” He turned away. “Pero, natatakot rin ako na malaman ni Camille ang totoo.” He sighed and shook his head.

    “Maiintindihan naman yun ni Camille eh.”

    “Huh?” He lifted his head to me. “Maiintindihan nya yun. Trust me. Baka nga, mas maging masaya sya dahil makukumpleto na ang pamilya na gusto nya. She always wished for a complete family every night. Believe me. Pero, for the mean time, hayaan mo munang makapag-isip si Andrea about that. It’s not yet time.” I said and he gently smiled at me.

    “Mama!” I looked back to see Rex and Camille. “Antagal nyo ah.”

    “Nagpabili pa kasi ‘to ng cotton candy eh.” He said. Napansin ko nga rin yung kinakain ni Camille, cotton candy. “Meron ba nyan rito?” I asked. “Dun yun sa kabila. Si Andrea?”

    “Bumili ng ticket.”

    Silence occurred.

    “Ayan na sya.” We looked at Andrea with 2 tickets. Napatingin naman ako kay Lawrence at hindi ko sya mabasa. Ano kayang iniisip nya ngayon? Susunod pa rin ba sya kina Camille?

    “Sige na baby. Magpaalam ka na sa kanila,” Then her eyes shifted to Lawrence and continued. “Nang makaalis na tayo agad.” That maybe hit him. I felt bad to Lawrence. But angry because of what he did to Andrea.

    Camille hugged me. “Bye mama.” She whispered and looked at me. “Camille,” I smiled. “Mabubuo rin ang pamilya mo balang araw.”

    “Pero, wala na po si daddy.”

    “Andyan lang sya… laging nakabantay sa’yo.”

    She released me and hugged Rex too. “Bye papa.”

    “Sorry sa lahat, Camille. Hindi nabigay ni papa yung best nya.”

    “Hindi po. Binigay nyo na po ang best nyo. Kasi nagbati pa rin kayo ni mama. Sana hindi na po kayo mag-away.”

    She released him and turned to Lawrence. Si Lawrence na mismo ang yumakap sa kanya. When he released her, his eyes averted to Andrea but she took her eyes off easily.

    With a cold breeze passed us, they started to walk, leaving Lawrence behind.

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    Chapter 36 - Good Sides.

    Kumain kami pagkauwi namin sa bahay. Niyaya namin si Lawrence kaso, wala raw syang gana. Dahil siguro dun. *sigh*

    “Hoy. Lumalamig na yung pagkain mo.” Rex called. I snapped out of my thoughts when I saw him looking at me. “Pasensya ka na. Marami lang akong iniisip ngayon.”

    “Like what?”

    “Yung tungkol sa kanilang tatlo.”

    “Sino? Sina Lawrence, Camille at si Andrea?” He asked before he took a bite at his food. “Hmm.” I nodded as I drank water. “Anong meron sa kanila?”

    “Anak nila si Camille.”

    Natigilan si Rex sa narinig nya. “Ano? Anak ni Lawrence si… Camille? Panong nangyari yun?”

    “Hindi ko rin alam. Teka, dapat alam mo diba?”

    “Hindi ko pa kaya sya kilala noon.” He drank water and stared far away. An awkward silence came. He suddenly changed into a vulnerable one. He stood up. “Labas lang ako.” And he walked out of this house.

    Ano bang nangyayari sa kanya?


    Pagkatapos kong maghugas, lumabas ako only to hear a familiar voice. Boses ni Rex yun ah. “Wag mong sabihing gagayahin mo rin ang ginawa ko?”

    “Eh, anong gagawin ko?!” Boses naman ‘yon ni Lawrence. Nagtago ako sa may gate. “Sundan mo sila! Ayokong gayahin mo ang ginawa ko noon. Basta na lang ako sumuko. Hindi ko sya sinundan. Hindi ko man nagawang pigilan sya, hindi ko pa rin ginawa ang dapat. Hindi ko ipinaglaban ang tama. That’s what I’m expecting you to do!”

    Nung naging sigaw ang pagsasalita nya, hinarap ko sila. Guess what I saw? Rex and Lawrence. Drenched in blood and full of cuts on their faces. “Rex! Lawrence! Anong nangyari sa inyo?! Nagsuntukan ba kayo?!” I exclaimed.

    I approached Rex. He wiped his nose that is bleeding right now. “I’m telling you, gawin mo ang dapat.” He attempted to punch him again when I held his arm and looked into his eyes. “Stop it. Please.”

    Wala na syang nagawa kundi pumasok na lang sa bahay at pinuntahan ko naman si Lawrence. “Ano bang nangyari? Gusto mo gamutin natin yan?”

    “Wag na.” He broke a smile infront of me. “Tama nga sya. Sige.” He slowly walked. “Teka, sandali!” Inalalayan ko sya sa braso. “Kaya mo ba?”

    “Oo, kaya ko pa. Tatawag na lang ako sa bahay para kunin ako rito. Dun na lang ako mag-iintay sa park. Sige na.” At wala na kong nagawa kundi iwanan na sya.

    Pagpasok ko sa bahay, hinarap ko naman si Rex sa may couch. Tiningnan ko ang mga pasa at sugat nya. “Teka, kukunin ko lang yung medical kit.” I stood up and went to the cabinets. “Wag na.” He called. “Anong wag? Mamaya maimpeksyon yan.” I took the medical kit and went to him. Kinuha ko kaagad yung cotton at nilagyan ng alcohol.

    “Arrh.. dahan-dahanin mo naman.”

    “Hay nako. Kasalanan mo ‘yan kung bakit may mga sugat ka.” Sabi ko sabay diniin yung cotton sa pasa niya. “Aray. Ano ba? Ako na nga lang kasi.” He took the cotton on my hand. “Wag kang makulit.” I retrieved the cotton out of his hand. Napatahimik na lang kami bigla habang ginagamot ko sya. Nung nilagyan ko na ng band-aid ang lahat ng sugat nya, niligpit ko yung medical kit at napaupo sa tabi nya.

    “Kung di ba naman t@nga ang lalaking yan, mag-iintay sya sa wala.” He rested his head to the couch. “Ayokong gayahin nya ang ginawa ko. Pano na lang si Camille? Ano yun, lalaki sya ng walang tatay sa tabi nya? Pagkatapos, pinamumukha sa kanya na wala na syang tatay.”

    I sighed. “Rex, alam ko kung anong intensyon mo. Pero alam naman siguro ni Lawrence ang ginagawa nya. Iniisip lang nya ang magiging reakyon ni Camille. At tsaka, wag ka ngang basta-basta nanununtok ng tao? You know that it’s intolerable.”

    “Iniisip ko lang naman yung bata. *sigh* Kung alam lang nya ang totoo, hindi na rin sya magiging malungkot.” He stood up. “Alis muna ako.”

    “Teka!” I called and he looked back. “Baka manuntok ka nanaman.”

    “Hindi ako manununtok. Feel ko magdrums ngayon.” And he walked out.

    I sighed as his presence disappeared, then I smiled. I’m so happy na nakikita ko unti-unti ang mga good sides nya. I’m so glad dahil may malasakit pala sya sa ibang tao. Akala ko sarili lang nya ang iniisip nya.

    And it’s all because of a child.

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    Chapter 37 - Meaning.

    New Year’s Eve.

    Nagpasya kami ni Rex na salubungin ang New Year kasama sina mamu, Marco at yung papa nya -- este papa namin. Hindi pa rin ako kinontact ni Lawrence pagkatapos nung araw na yun. Ano kaya mga plano nya?

    I snapped out of my thoughts when someone held my hand. Si Rex lang pala. “Iniisip mo nanaman ba si Lawrence ha? Baka gusto mong bugbugin ko pa sya..”

    “Magsisimula ka nanaman ba ng away? Eto.. nagmamalasakit lang ako. O baka naman nagseselos ka?”

    “Manahimik ka nga. Ayoko lang kasi na…” Hinawakan nya ang kamay ko at tinaas. “..kung sino-sino ang nasa isip mo. I was just worried na baka wala ako dyan.” Aigoo.. since kelan pa ‘to naging cheesy?

    “But he’s not anybody. At tsaka, ang korni mo. Daig mo pa ang cornick.”

    “Bakit, may nasabi ba ‘kong mali?”

    “Ten… Nine… Eight… Seven…” Natigilan kami nung narinig namin na nagca-countdown na sila. Malapit na pala. Pero may nagpapaputok na ng mga fireworks sa langit. “Wow.. ang ganda.” I mumbled.

    “You want a New Year present?” He asked as I was still looking up in the sky. Medyo hindi ko narinig kasi marami nang nagpapaputok malapit samin.

    “…Six… Five… Four…”

    “Anong sabi mo? Di kita marinig!” I shouted.

    “…Three… Two… One!”

    “Lanya naman. Magkatabi na nga lang tayo, hindi mo pa ko marinig.” Anong sabi nya?


    With that, he pulled me by the waist and kissed me gently. Napapikit na lang ako dahil sa saya na naramdaman ko nung mga oras na yun.


    “AAAAAHHH!!!” I yelled as we stopped kissing. May nagpaputok malapit samin, at alam ko kung sino yun. “MARCO?!”

    Marco laughed harder at us. Nakakasira ka ng moment ah. Pero hindi naman nagpatalo si Rex. Ayun, naghagisan sila ng paputok. Ako? I laughed at them. Ayoko ngang makisali. Mamaya maputukan pa ko eh.

    I decided to watch the fireworks nalang. But believe me, walang naputukan sa kanilang dalawa. Hahah. ^_____^


    “Sorry, the number you dialed is not yet in service. Try again later.”

    I sadly ended the call. *sigh* Bakit naman kasi not in service yung cellphone ni Lawrence? Ano na kayang nangyari sa kanya?

    I opened the gate only to find a letter on the mailbox. I immediately took it and looked at the sender.

    To: Marriane & Rex ; From: Lawrence

    Eh? Galing kay… Lawrence?

    Pumasok naman agad ako sa loob at napaupo sa couch bago ko binuksan yung sulat. Napansin kong kinompyuter pa nya yung sulat. Hi-tech talaga ‘tong si Lawrence. Aishh..



    Musta? Siguro nagtataka ka na kung bakit ako nagsulat sa’yo. Nasa eroplano na siguro ako ngayon habang binabasa mo ‘to. I know what you’re now thinking of me nung mga oras na nasa airport tayo nun. A coward. Kasi, naduduwag akong harapin sila. Kasi, natatakot akong malaman ang reaksyon ni Camille. Kasi, natatakot ako na di nila ako tanggapin. But now, I decided to follow them… thanks to your husband. I admit, natamaan rin ako sa mga explanations nya… kaya napagpasyahan ko na sundan sila. Sorry sa mga inasta ko nung mga nakaraang araw. And, thank you for showing me friendship. I really appreciate the things that you’ve done for me. Salamat talaga ng malaki.


    Salamat sa explanations. Naliwanagan ako ng husto. Thank you talaga. Wag mo na ‘kong tatawagin na duwag dahil hindi na ko ganun. Kaya ko ‘to. Nga pala, ayokong tatawagan ako ni Marriane nang umiiyak ha? Kundi, ako talaga mismo papatay sa’yo. Wag mo na syang paiiyakin uli. Lagot ka talaga sakin.

    Pano, kita na lang tayo pag naayos na ang lahat sa’ming tatlo. Ingat.


    “Ano yan?” Napalingon ako sa tabi ko. “Andyan ka pala.” Umiiyak na pala ako. I wiped my tears. Kinuha nya yung sulat at binasa nya. Pagkatapos nyang mabasa, ibinalik nya uli sakin yung sulat. “Natauhan rin sya.”

    “Oo nga. Magiging maayos rin ang lahat sa kanila diba?”

    He smiled. “Oo.”

    Suddenly, we heard a loud crash from the kitchen. Agad naman kaming napatakbo sa kusina. “Baso lang pala.” He said as we saw the broken glass at the floor. “Pero, pano naman nahulog nun? Hindi kaya… may multo rito?” I asked, puzzled.

    “Ano ka ba? Blessed ‘tong bahay na ‘to, pwede ba? Una palang sinabi na sain ni papa na walang multo rito.”

    Teka… may meaning kaya ‘to?

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    Chapter 38 - Complicated.

    “Ako na lang ng magwawalis.” He said as he looked for the broom and dustpan. Mukhang statwa na ako rito. I’m still thinking about the meaning part. May meaning kaya?

    “Dun ka na lang muna sa sala. Baka mabubog ka pa rito.” He pushed me through the living room. “Ingat ka sa pagwawalis. Baka masugatan ka.”

    “Hindi yan.” At bumalik sya uli sa kusina. Napansin kong may lunch box sa mesa. “Rex, para saan ‘yang… lunch box?”

    “Ah, dadalhan ko si Candy ng pagkain.”

    I admit, medyo nasaktan ako. But, it’s Candy. Alam ko naman na malaki ang malasakit nya dito. Hindi na rin ako magtataka. At tsaka remember, may sakit yung tao. Wag mo nang patulan.

    Natapos na nyang linisin yung nabasag na baso kaya sya lumabas hawak-hawak yung lunch box. “Pano, alis muna ako. Dalawin ko lang si Candy.”

    He was about to walk out when I called him. “Rex… pwede ba ‘kong… sumama?”



    “Oi, Marriane,” Rex called when he entered the door. “Hmm?” I asked as I was hiding behind the door. “Bakit ka nagtatago? Hindi ka ba papasok?”

    “Ah, eh, kasi… tama lang ba talaga na sumama ako rito?” I wandered.

    He sighed. “Wala kang dapat ikatakot. At tsaka, sumama ka rito diba? Kaya pumasok ka na.” He pulled me gently as we entered the room. We saw Candy sitting on the bed. As her head lifted to us, the atmosphere suddenly went tense. I wish I didn’t exist. I wish I didn’t exist.

    I wish I was invisible by now!

    “Gising ka pala. Dinalhan ka nga pala namin ng pagkain.”

    “Eto oh ---”

    “Get out.” Was the word that I was expecting her to say. “Dee ---”

    “Get out. I need to talk to him PERSONALLY.” She said, referring to me.

    Napayuko na lang ako ng ulo habang papalabas ng kwarto. I leaned at the wall beside the door. Tama nga na hindi dapat ako sumama sa kanya rito. Dahil alam kong mangyayari ‘to.

    Napalakas yung boses nila kaya narinig ko ang pinag-uusapan nila. “Sino ba sya sa buhay mo ha?!”

    “She’s my wife.”

    Silence occurred.

    “N-nagbibiro ka lang, diba?”

    “I’m not kidding. Totoo.”

    A long silence occurred. Pagkatapos, bigla ko na lang narinig yung sigaw ni Rex. “DEE!”

    Napatakbo naman ako sa loob. “Tawagin mo yung doktor, BILIS!” He exclaimed as he was holding Candy. Pinindot ko yung button dun sa wall. That way, pupunta agad yung doktor rito.

    Ayun nga, dumating na yung doktor kasama yung mga iba pang nurse. At dahil nga doktor at nurse sila, chineck nila yung pulse rate, at kung anu-ano pang mga importante na kailangan nilang icheck. Tapos, kinausap kami ng doktor na dun daw muna kami sa labas.

    Hindi talaga mapakali si Rex. Kita naman sa palakad-lakad efek nya. “REX!” I shouted.


    Nagulat naman ako sa tono ng pananalita nya ngayon kaya napasandal ako sa kinauupuan ko. “Pwede… umupo ka naman? Nakakahilo ka kaya.”

    Ayun, sumunod naman sya. Pero di pa rin sya mapakali. I sighed and hugged his shoulders. “She’s going to be fine. Wag kang mag-alala.”


    I was shocked. Basta, I was just shocked.

    “Sorry.” He muttered.

    Pinuntahan kami nung doktor pagkalabas nya ng kwarto. “Kamusta na po sya?”

    “She’s now in good condition. You can now go in. Maiwan ko muna kayo.” Pagkatapos, umalis na sya. Natutulog na sa Candy nung pumasok kami. Rex sat beside her and touched her forehead. I just shook my head.

    Suddenly, the door opened. Then came an old fat man, about 40+. “Candy, anak!” He exclaimed as he ran through her. Maybe her dad. “Uncle.”

    “Kamusta na sya?”

    “Ayos na po sya ngayon.”

    Just as what I am thinking now, our situation really is complicated. Hindi ko na alam kung anong gagawin ko. Basta, susundin ko na lang si Rex, no matter what.

    “Rex, alis na ko.”

    “Sabay na lang tayo --”

    “Hindi na.” I smiled. “Kita na lang tayo sa bahay.” Then, I exited the hospital and locked myself in my room. Ayun, di ko nanaman mapigilan ang umiyak. And before I knew it, umuulan pala. Napadungaw ako sa bintana, still umiiyak pa rin ako.

    Sana wala na lang na ulan. Kasi, look at the sky. So dark. Pag hindi na nakaya ng ulap, bigla na lang babagsak. Like me. Feeling ko, madilim ang ulap ko ngayon. Hindi ko na kaya pang ihandle kaya di ko na napigilan ang umiyak. Sa lahat ng ayoko, yung umiiyak ako. Nagmumukha akong iyakin nito. Sana lagi na lang may araw.

    Sa tingin nyo kaya, may rainbow pang lalabas pagkatapos ng ulan? Eh sa akin kaya?

    “Marriane.” I heard knocks on the door and then it opened. It was him. “Umiiyak ka ba?”

    “Hi-hindi! Na-napuwing lang ako.” I quickly wiped my tears. “Wag mo kong lokohin.” He sat beside me. There was silence between us. Neither one of us couldn’t speak, until I broke it. “Kamusta na si Candy --”



    “Magdivorce na tayo.”

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    Chapter 39 - Letting Go.

    When I heard those words from him, parang tumigil ang mundo ko. Naubos na siguro ang luha ko kaya wala nang lumabas sa mga mata ko. There were many questions popped into my head. One of those is, ‘bakit kailangan humantong ‘to sa ganito?’

    “Rex bakit? Bakit kailangan pa natin magdivorce?!”

    “It’s because ito ang tama. She’s dying. She needs me.”


    He shook his head. “You.. me.. it’s over.”

    “So.. this means, you chose her over me?”

    He sighed. “I dunno. Maybe. But Marriane,” He faced me. “Ayokong pairalin ang puso ko ngayon. At tsaka, siguro, hanggang dun lang tayo. Hindi ko kayang iwan sya sa laban nya ngayon. She’s alone. Kailangan nya ko.”

    “Kai… kailangan din kita… What about this?” I asked as I raised our hands with our wedding rings. He suddenly wore off his ring and gave it to me. “Hindi ko pala kaya. Sorry talaga.”


    “Baso lang pala.” He said as we saw the broken glass at the floor. “Pero, pano naman nahulog nun? Hindi kaya… may multo rito?” I asked, puzzled.

    “Ano ka ba? Blessed ‘tong bahay na ‘to, pwede ba? Una palang sinabi na sain ni papa na walang multo rito.”

    Teka… may meaning kaya ‘to?


    Basta, susundin ko na lang si Rex, no matter what.

    *End of Flashback*

    Bigla na lang ako bumitaw. Susundin ko sya. Sabi ko yun sa sarili ko na susundin ko sya. But what about this feeling?

    “Pero…” He started as I suddenly looked at him. Bigla nya kong niyakap at napaiyak. “…it doesn’t mean na talagang bumitaw na ako. Babalikan kita, kapag wala nang pader na nakaharang.”

    I sighed. “Hindi ko alam…” I looked straightly in his eyes. “..kung kaya kitang intayin. Hindi mo kaya diba? Pwes, hindi ko rin kaya.”

    With that, I left him standing there while I was walking out of the room, tears rolling through my cheeks.


    Letting go is never been easier for me. It’s been a week since we annulled our marriage. Marami nga ang nagulat eh. Sina Lawrence lang ang hindi pa nakakaalam. Ewan ko kung bakit defensive sina mamu at Mr. Lopez. Is there something between them?

    That’s when I knew it, until that day came.

    I just saw them. Mamu, Mr. Lopez. Hugging each other. With closed eyes efek.

    “Ma…mu? Anong --”

    They released themselves easily. “Marriane, mali ka nga iniisip.”

    “Ma, mag-usap nga tayo.” Hinila ko si Mamu sa sala at pinaupo ko sya. “Ano yun?” I started.

    “Anak, we’re just hugging each other as --”

    “As what? Mamu, tell me. ARE YOU HAVING AN AFFAIR WITH HIM?!”

    Hindi makapagsalita si mamu.


    “Anak --”



    She just slapped me. “I’m really sorry.” She shook her head. I know kung bakit nya ko sinampal. “Kung di kami nadamay dito, di sana, teenager pa rin ang utak ko.” Di sana… hindi ako nasaktan ng husto.

    Wala na syang nagawa kundi yakapin ako.

    Ayun, sinabihan ko si Mr. Lopez na layuan si mamu. Inaalala ko lang naman si papu. Ayokong balewalain ni mamu yung sa kanila ni papu. Kami ang masasaktan ng kapatid ko pag nangyari yun. I mean, hindi naman sa pinagkakait ko yung gusto ni mamu. Gusto ko pa rin ng buo ang pamilya namin without papu.

    Nabalitaan ko na lang kay Russel na inooperahan na raw si Candy ngayon sa states kasama sya. Tanggap ko na... na hindi sya babalik pa. I just let him go. Hindi naman sya nagpromise sakin diba? At tsaka, pag gumaling na si Candy, hindi rin naman sya babalik sakin eh. She won’t going to surrender him to me naman diba? After all, she still loves him.

    At the fact that we’re not married anymore.

    Madali ko na lang siguro makakalimutan ang lahat ng ito. Makakalimutan ko na yung krimen na ginawa ko noon, na kinasal pala ako noon, at yung feelings ko para sa kanya na naramdaman ko noon.

    Madali na siguro kalimutan ang lahat para sakin, diba?

    [FM] LyLe

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    Chapter 40 - Changes.

    Before I knew it, I just graduated high school with Abby. Bumalik lang sa dati noon. Kaso, hindi na ko high school ngayon. I was now a college student at nag-aaral magdesign ng mga damit. Nagdecide kami ni Abby na tumira sa iisang apartment since wala nang space sa bahay and same to her too. I was taking a part-time job at a convenience store before and after my classes. Ayoko nang umasa kay mamu. I decided this for myself… to make myself busy hanggang sa hindi ko na sya masyadong iniisip. Isa pa, pinagpag-aral pa nya ng high school si Marco, ayoko nang dumagdag sa gastusin nya noh. Yun nga lang, hati kami sa tuition since hindi kaya ng sweldo ko na bayaran yung pagkalaki-laking tuition sa university na yun. Si Abby naman, service crew ng isang fast food chain. Daming pagbabago noh?

    4 YEARS LATER na kasi eh.

    “Girl, gising na!”

    “H-huh? *yawn*” I stretched my arms and tried to get up. Anong oras na ba? 5:20 am.. ang aga pa pala eh.. I still have.. OMG 5:20 AM?! 6 ang pasok ko sa work!!!

    Thus is my daily routine. I always took a bath for 20 minutes, 10 minutes for breakfast and preparing myself. Kainis diba? Sigurado, manghahabol nanaman ako ng bus nito. Grabe. Pero di bale na, exercise na rin ‘to diba?

    Minsan, hindi ko rin maiwasan na madaanan yung bahay namin ni Rex. Today, that is. Ayun, wala pa ring nakatira.

    Snap it, Marriane. That house has nothing to do with you now. Late ka na sa work, remember?

    And yeah, late ako, as what I am expecting. “Andyan na ba si mam?” I whispered to my co-worker as I was taking my uniform at my locker. “Lagi naman syang maaga eh. Mabuti nga eh natitiis ka ni mam. Magbihis ka na bago ka pa nya makita.”

    I was about to enter the comfort room when I heard the manager. “You’re late for almost A YEAR, Miss Santos.”

    I looked her in grin. “Sorry po mam. Alam ko naman po na di nyo ko matitiis diba? Hehe.”

    Ayun. Pumwesto na ko sa cashier since ako ngayon ang nakaassign dun. Pero minsan naman, naglalagay ng tags-tags at kung anu-anong pang pwedeng trabahuin dito sa convenience store. Wala naman akong reklamo eh kasi, sinabi ko naman sa boss ko na pwede ako sa lahat. There’s no time to be choosy since kailangan ko talaga ng work.

    Pagdating ng 10, pasok naman ako sa university. Then, babalik ako sa store pagdating ng 4. Sinusundo naman ako ni Abby pagkarating ng 9 PM and then, sabay na kami umuwi together with her bf. Yeaa. Abby found her Mr. Right. And they were perfectly in love. Hay… ako kaya? Kailan ko kaya makikita si Mr. Right ko? Sheesh. Ewan. There’s no time for that.

    “Hayy.. wala nanaman tayong masakyan, honey.” She said as we’re searching for a bus to take us home. Hay naku.. gumana nanaman ang pagkaflirt nito. I just looked at them in disgust.

    Habang naghahanap ako ng bus, I saw a familiar car. I suddenly shook my head in confusion. Nagkamali lang siguro ako. Maraming sasakyan na ganun, pwede ba? And there’s no such thing para pumunta sya rito.

    Babalikan nya ba talaga ako?

    “Hoy Marriane!”

    I snapped out in my thoughts as I looked back to them. “Tara na!” Abby said as she was about to enter the bus. “Ah, oo! Sige!” I ran to the bus and searched for a seat. Tatluhan naman yung upuan eh kaya tabi-tabi na kami. Dun ako umupo sa tabi ng bintana and went back to my thoughts. Paiiyakin nanaman ata nya ko eh. Kainis talaga. Aish, Marriane, wag kang iiyak.

    “Marriane, ayos ka lang?” Abby asked. “Ah, oo. Ayos lang ako.”


    Somehow, that night was so strange. Series of cold breeze rushed through me when I was lying on the bed. Napaisip tuloy ako, baka si papu lang ito. Baka tinitingnan lang nya ang kalagayan ko ngayon. Well, papu, I’ve change a lot. I’m well-matured lady now dahil 20 y/o na ko ngayon. Alam ko na kung ano ang tama at mali.

    Naisip ko nanaman yung kaninang nakita ko.


    t doesn’t mean na talagang bumitaw na ako. Babalikan kita, kapag wala nang pader na nakaharang.”

    *End of Flashback*

    Ang tanong, may pader pa kayang nakaharang saming dalawa? Babalik pa kaya sya?

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